Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We Now Interrupt Your Gardening ....

The Head Gardener and I tend to be rather lax about blogging in the fall ... we wait all year for the cooler temperatures and glorious weather that usually come our way in late October. This year there's not been quite enough of either to suit us but we've been slogging away frantically nonetheless, in an attempt to get the garden into decent enough shape to survive prolonged inattention. That inattention is made necessary by what one of my doctors likes to call a little surgical adventure,which requires two weeks of complete garden inactivity, followed by four weeks of serious garden inactivity. The HG is still haranguing me about the poor timing of this adventure and she's certainly correct that it would have been much easier to be stuck inside in July and August, when the weather was viciousevilmean&nasty. The HG is only marginally appeased by that admission on my part. 

I'm happy to report that yesterday's outpatient procedure went well and we are recuperating at home, somewhat comfortably.  Pain is being kept at bay by non-prescription mede and we have books, magazines, movies and devices aplenty to entertain us during our waking hours.  Per our doctor's instructions, we have advised family members that we are also not allowed to do ANY cooking or cleaning for the next 2 weeks and that we are to be waited on, cosseted, pampered, indulged and humored in our every wish.  They have cooperated nicely these first two days ... whether they can make it 2 weeks is as much of a question as whether the HG and I can stay out of the garden that long!

It doesn't help that overnight, the temperatures and the humidity dropped to our preferred levels for gardening.  We will endeavor to be content with sitting on the patio to savor the weather and admire the garden from a distance.  It should be easier as the week goes on and both temperature and humidity rise.  Another cold front comes through next week, though, and rumor has it that this one will bring the temps down even farther.  Any and all applications for the position of Undergardener will be entertained!