Whoopee-Ti-Aye-Oh ...

I composed this little ditty Monday after spending several very happy and productive hours in the garden for the first time since my appendectomy. With a tip of the cowboy hat (and apologies) to Gene Autry:

I'm back in the garden again
Out where the sun is my friend
Where the monarch pillars feed
On red-orange butterfly weed
Back in the garden again

Roamin' the beds once more
Even tho I'm still a little sore
I can dig and weed and prune

While to my plants I croon
Back in the garden again

Runnin` to and fro
Back in the garden again
I go my way
Back in the garden again.


See if you can spot the tiny monarch caterpillar on this milkweed!

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herself said…
I love your ditty! ( and your garden, mine's still getting going here )

It was great to meet you at Spring Fling last weekend.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Thank you, ma'am! I'm so glad we got to meet last weekend and look forward to doing so again :-)