No Matter How You Say It ...

Clem-uh-tiss, Cluh-may-tiss, Cluh-mat-iss ... Here's some pictures of what could be H.F. Young. I'm not sure I had the right tag in the pot, since the color of the clematis doesn't match that on the tag. This first picture is the closest the camera has come to capturing the color that I see.
OK, in this picture taken yesterday, not only is it blue, but it doesn't even look real!

Today I decided to take some pictures using several different settings on the camera just to see what kind of results I got. The color looks about the same in the first three pictures but what's up with the fourth? I wish I did have a clematis that gorgeous shade of sky blue. The last one is closest to the color I see when I look at it. I AM beginning to worry that it's not the camera but my eyesight. If so, maybe I shouldn't ask for a new camera for Mother's Day after all! Former Harris County Extension Agent Bill Adams is going to be at the Master Gardener workday this coming Tuesday to give an after-lunch talk on photography. The MGs have been asked to bring their cameras and the instruction manuals so Bill can give us some hands-on advice. His pictures are always top notch and I hope to benefit from his tutelage. He's an entertaining speaker and teacher, too, so it should be a great learning experience.


herself said…
It's pretty in all it's fine shades of blue.

You might also check out Gimp. ( Gnu Image Processing Software ) It's free and great for playing with and doctoring photos.

Just Google it or try