What's Stopping Traffic On My Corner of Katy

Vitex 'Montrose Purple', a cultivar propagated by Treesearch Farms of Houston, is absolutely spectacular this spring. The tree is planted at one end of the daylily bed, on the street side of the house, facing north. Compared to the standard Vitex agnus-castus, the spires on this variety are not only a deeper, richer color but far fuller and more lush. It may just be my favorite small tree.


Pam/Digging said…
The vitexes are especially lovely in Austin this year. Yours is truly beautiful. You're making me miss my old, messy vitex.
Cindy said…
Thanks, Pam, the blooms on my vitex do seem especially colorful and prolific this year. I think in years past, I've gone out and stripped the leaves when they started to drop. It's too big for that now!
Your vitex is stupendous. (Mine finally has flowers on it this year but it doesn't look anything like yours.)

I like vitex a lot but I just have too much shade in my garden for them to really shine. I'll enjoy yours vicariously instead.
Annie in Austin said…
My little vitex has a couple of buds but the color won't be as spectacular as your selection - this photo almost makes me think I should start over with a named variety, Cindy!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Gail said…
I planted this darling and moved him 3 times...then he died back one mean winter and didn't return. I bought an unnamed variety at a big box store and like Annie, may have to get one with some pedigree!

Cindy said…
Mss, that's how I feel about Texas Mountain Laurel. I enjoy them vicariously because they just don't perform the same here as they do in Austin.

Annie & Gail, the difference in blooms between this Montrose Purple & the species really surprised me. (It can't just be because this one has been in the same spot since it left the container, LOL.)