Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall ...

Except mine, that is. The storm system that pounded much of the Houston area yesterday stayed well south of MCOK. As usual.

Fine, I exaggerate. But it FEELS that way. It seems like light years since I've seen a view like this out my front gate (This is an old picture, taken in November of 2003 or 2004, I think.) That wheelbarrow is at the end of the sidewalk and the lake you see? That's my street.
I feel like this Goddess of the Garden ... I swear her face changes expression according to my moods. Doesn't she look despondent right now?

She and I would both do well to take inspiration from this brave little native columbine (Aquilegia canadensis). I bought several 4 inch pots of these at a local nursery and planted them in my courtyard sometime this spring ... I'm thinking it was before my surgical safari in March. I was disappointed (there's a dis again) and perplexed when they failed not only to bloom but to grow. They languished there, showing no inclination to do anything other than sulk. It was a happy surprise yesterday to find one of the plants blooming. True, it's a little droopy and disheveled, much like I am these days. This isn't the kind of weather it normally prefers: it's supposed to be happiest in spring's cooler temperatures and softer light. Yet somewhere in its depths this plant found the strength to carry on. It's a reminder that I can, too.


Sorry about the no rain forecast. I'm doing my rain dance for you and sending our on your way.~~Dee
Cindy said…
Thanks, Dee, although I think it's going to take way more dancing than you want to do! We have a 30% chance of rain today and there are clouds in the sky but that's precisely what we had yesterday so I'm not optimistic.
K.C. said…
I will do a dance, too. Just popping in but see that you need more dancing than Dee can too.

So, here I am doing a rain dance for you!!! Kayce
herself said…
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herself said…
Ah, I was so jealous, I thought you had gotten some rain.

No rain here either. Clouds, thunder but no rain.

Starting to wonder if it is possible to seed clouds from one's rooftop?
Cindy said…
Kayce, you & Dee rock ... your dancing brought MCOK 30 minutes of rain :-) You must have been very enthusiastic dancers because we also got hail!

Herself, did the system miss y'all? That's so frustrating!
It's hard to keep our heads up, or our spirits either. I threw in the towel in 2006 and then regretted it. Whenever I feel like giving up, I just go and look at that video again and remind myself why I need to stick with it. Bleah!
Nancy said…
and then today, it did it AGAIN!!!


It went through every area around us, but left a donut hole where no rain fell.

Guess where I live.

Cindy said…
Nancy, that happened to us on Friday. I watched the radar, zooming in to see that rain was allegedly falling here. They were wrong ... so now I can't trust the radar any more than I do the weather folks.
Gail said…
We went out of town and paid a young man to water the potted plants...wish he had watered the gardens...not a drop of rain fell in our neighborhood. It can rain all over the city but won't make it past our big hill into the neighborhood!

We dream of rain....and we are in our dry season! Hope it comes your way too.


Cindy said…
Gail, we're in the same boat but we can't go anywhere ... no water! Here's hoping both our dreams of rain come true (and those of all the other rain-deprived gardeners)!