A Very Short Sunday Stroll ... Let's Play Tag Instead!

Now that summer has well and truly descended upon my corner of Katy, an extended stroll around the garden on a Sunday evening is only slightly more enticing than an invasive medical procedure. Fortunately the daylily I purchased at Home Depot last week, the lovely Polynesian Delight, resides in a pot on the dining room patio, mere steps from the door. I popped out the door with my camera, snapped a picture and quickly returned to the comfort of central air. Although the plant label claimed this is a fragrant daylily, I'm unable to detect any scent. I won't be planting it out before September and when I do, I think I'll put it somewhere with a bit of shade. The bloom that caught my eye at Home Depot was almost bicolored: some of the petals had a deeper rosy blush to them than it's showing on my patio. Since it was displayed in a shady area, I'm thinking giving it more shade might result in more intense color.

I was recently tagged for the first time by Linda of Meadowview Thymes, a fellow Texas garden blogger who lives and gardens in the Dallas area. The rules are as follows:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on the blog.

3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post.

5. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

So here's my six random things:

1. Although my husband and I met during my orientation week at Rice University in 1973, and were close friends from that point on, we didn't start dating until spring of 1983. I always said I'd never marry an engineer, I'd never marry a man like my father, and I'd never marry EM. This is how I learned never to say never! We celebrate our 25th anniversary in November.

2. I lived in Hawaii for two and a half crazy years when I was single, during which time I worked for a while as a waitress at the Blue Water Cafe, located next to the lobby of an Outrigger hotel. I wore a cowboy hat and was known as Tex. The house band was led by a former member of Bill Halley's Comets and I sang with them a couple of times (very badly)(tequila may have been involved). When I finally made it back to Hawaii on a visit in 1997, I was dumbfounded to see that the Blue Water Cafe had devolved into a Chili's.

3. I've met several celebrities over the years without even trying.
  • Ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev was walking along Waikiki Beach with a companion and was very gracious when I stopped him to express my admiration and respect. I was fortunate enough to see him dance twice during my lifetime and I've never forgotten those experiences.
  • Pat Morita (Arnold of Happy Days, Mr. Miyagi of Karate Kid) frequented the restaurant/bar near the University of Hawaii where my flatmate worked. I stopped in after a very enjoyable date one night and was so radiant that Pat kissed me on his way out the door. (Said date was not with my spouse.) (Hey, I was single and it was HAWAII.)
  • In the mid-80s, a friend and I were waiting for the elevator at a Houston hotel, headed up to the rooftop bar, when singer Mac Davis joined us after his performance at the Houston Rodeo. He joined us in waiting for the elevator, not joined us and partied all night, just in case anyone's eyebrows were going up.
  • In 2006, my daughter and I met Evangeline Lilly of LOST while we were visiting family in Hawaii on spring break. We'd actually gone to the store hoping to run into Jorge Garcia since we knew he lived in the area. It was early morning and a total shock to see EL walk in as we were picking up breakfast. She was as gracious and accomodating as she is lovely (truly a natural beauty) and petite (let's hear it for short girls).
4. I've broken my right foot twice, dropped a wooden pallet on it once, and had bunion surgery on it just last year (9 weeks in a hard cast, 2 weeks in a boot, but at least I timed it so I'd be out of the garden during the worst of the heat).

5. I seem to be the Designated Dog Rescuer for this part of the neighborhood. Several times a year, dogs who have escaped their yards find their way to me. Mojo and Murphy, a Basset Hound and a Boston terrier, were the last pair to come through.

6. I firmly believe life is too short to drink bad champagne. Give me Veuve Clicquot or Piper Heidsieck if you want to bribe me.

OK, now to tag six other bloggers ... I'm tagging these folks (but will not get my knickers in a twist if you don't want to play):

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OK, that's it for tonight. Tomorrow morning will find me dragging hoses once again and pondering whether a minor tropical storm would really be such a bad thing.


Wow--you've had a very interesting life! What fun!! Thanks for playing tag...enjoy dragging those hoses around. Surely there will be a tropical storm before too
long! : )
I am so with you on #6! My fav is Gancia Asti Spumante. (I do like sweet.) The history leading up to your marrige sounds like a story or a movie - wait a minute, somebody stole your story & turned it into "When Harry Met Sally."
Carol Michel said…
All those celebrities! I've met Larry Bird, does he count as a celebrity?

You have led an intesting life.

And thanks for not making us stay outside for too long, I hear its hot out there!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
Anonymous said…
I did this once but forgot what I said---so this will be new to me too. I'll go see what I can make up about myself to entertain others. When you get my age, it's hard to recall all the details. But I do love these tags and think it's load of fun to do it.

It took you ten years to marry your father and an engineer?? It took me 3 months to marry the guy I said I would never end up with. I don't know if that makes me extremely dumb or smart.

Imagine what you could do if you actually looked for a famous person---you might meet someone from the now.

I'm really glad that only dogs have walked into your yard to be rescued cause it might be hard to adopt an orangatang. Might be but not totally impossible. You might want to get some orangatang food just in case.
Anonymous said…
My Entry is up.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Linda, no sooner do I say that about a tropical storm than Dolly shows up to the south of us. Thus far this morning we haven't gotten much rain at all, despite the dire predictions of the forecasters. It's much cooler out, though!

MMD, my husband and I definitely could relate to Harry and Sally! I'm not big on Asti Spumante but that means we each get our own bottle!

Carol, of course Larry Bird counts! Did you meet him at a Pacers game?

Anna, I draw the line at buying orangutan food! If one wanders into my garden, he'll just have to make do with sunflower chips like the rest of the wildlife! (Orange you glad I didn't say banana?)
Hi Cindy. Good to hear the hurricane cooled things down a bit. Even a breeze can be helpful. My list o' random things is done.