Where Did The G Go?

Last week's purchases: Dianthera candicans, Caryopteris 'Blue Myth', Lantana, Red Porterweed, 2 freebie daylilies (Skechers clogs just happened to be sitting there & I love the color so I left them in the picture)

WARNING: Ranting may run rampant!

Over at Plurk, where several of the garden bloggers hang out to talk about manky plants and horticultural dreams, we found ourselves lamenting the sorry state of HGTV. Although the network has always emphasized HOME more than GARDENING, there was a time when their schedule of shows justified that G in their acronym. 5 out of 5 garden bloggers surveyed
now agree, however, that there's precious little gardening to be found.

On a network supposedly dedicated to home and garden, check out the schedule for the week and you'll doubtless agree with us. After taking a closer look, I'm even more appalled than I was previously. I counted approximately 284 shows in a week: the vast majority of those shows were on buying and/or selling a home. Only eleven shows of the 284 were on gardening or landscaping. LANDSCAPE SMART, OUTER SPACES, LANDSCAPER'S CHALLENGE and
GROUND BREAKERS focus on someone else's stepping in to renovate an existing space: all are more geared towards the creation of outdoor living spaces than what I and my fellow garden bloggers think of as gardens. Gardening is about much more than just making your house look good: it's a highly personal and emotional journey. Each gardener's journey is unique and yet each gardener shares some of the same experiences on that journey: our joys and frustrations, our questions and dilemmas, our doubts and our delights.

It's their failure to recognize that that has cost HGTV my viewership. I'll admit to DVRing A GARDENER'S DIARY, in which gardener Erica Glasener visits gardens across the country; it's the one show out of 284 that I know won't disappoint me. My disappointment in the direction they've taken is shared by others, including Carol at May Dreams Gardens, Mary Ann at Idaho Gardener, Robin at Bumblebee Blog and Mr. McGregor's Daughter. If gardeners like the five of us are dissatisfied with their offerings and disinclined to watch, surely there are others like us out there. Speak up, y'all, and let HGTV know that we're putting them on notice. They want that G, they need to earn it!

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Carol Michel said…
I'm speaking up! I posted as well on HGTV's lack of gardening programming.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
Cosmo said…
I've been meaning to get over to your blog--I really like it. I guess I don't think I ever get much on TV--I find books (and blogs) much more informative. But I agree that they should either provide more gardening or dump the "G" from the name . . .
I SO agree with you!! I don't even try and watch it anymore. I LOVED A Gardener's Diary, just loved it. Actually, I don't even like the decorating shows anymore.
HGTV was why I watched tv as I am not a big tv person. Needless to say, I am not even sure what channel number it is now.
Nancy said…
Boo.. no gardening on HGTV

Bigger BOO Ike coming to mess up my plants.

email: mrsfrance at gmail dot com

y'all stay safe
Gail said…
I stopped watching HTV a bit ago. It is too much about duping consumers into buying more stuff, like we need more stuff. I loved the original PBS Victory Garden but that was not a garden I could grow. It was fun until they used up precious time on cooking! It is long gone! Maybe we ought to submit a show idea or two or three to them! How about on the gardens of bloggers and our relationships with one another.

Anonymous said…
I agree! I occasionally watch Landscaper's Challengem and I watch Gardening by the Yard, but what I really want is what you were talking about - REAL gardening. The connection of the gardener to his/her garden, the emotional piece. Yes, I want design, too, and I want to know more about growing edibles. HGTV needs to put that G back in there if they want me to watch. There's just TOO MUCH home buying and flipping of houses. I'm so weary of that being all that's available.
Anonymous said…
Good for people to know.
Anonymous said…
I agree, the "G" is gone from HG TV. I am so sick of the silly decorating shows I could puck. Instead I turn off the tv and go out into my garden. There is nothing about gardening to watch. How could you have removed Paul James, the Gardener Guy from the lineup. His show was the only one worth watching.
Anonymous said…
I sent them a comment before I found this, so im saying that i threw my hat in too...I want gardening! Not pavers with some tiny little scottish moss clumps! Gardens are messy and boutiful, not bordered by 3.oo sq ft stone and covered in redwood mulch.