See Beautiful La Paz Without Leaving Home!

Our tour of La Paz begins here, where we see this beautiful jewel in the light of the morning sun.

La Paz looks very different in the shadows:

And casts its own shadows in yet another view:

I was a little puzzled as to why this Amaryllis was named LaPaz since it's not particular peaceful in appearance. After reading the seller's description of it, though, I assume this Amaryllis is named after the city in Bolivia: Exuding the warmth of steamy South America, La Paz reveals a saucy allure rarely found in amaryllis. Dark coral upper petals and lighter lower ones suggest movement, dance, the tango, perhaps? Pot up La Paz to warm your winter home or plant La Paz outdoor for an early season heat wave. Whatever the origins of its name, I am muy contenta that it was one of the amaryllis I purchased from the website I wrote in my ten year garden journal that I received my order on November 12th, not quite 3 weeks ago. Since two stalks were already showing on La Paz, I planted it within a couple of days of receiving it. My November 17th entry notes that La Paz had 2 stalks, one 9 inches tall and the other 5 inches. There are 3 stalks now so I'll be seeing a lot more of lovely La Paz in the future.

I owe my newfound interest in Amaryllis to my friend Twerp, who encouraged me (in no uncertain terms) to buy Neon Rose when we were shopping at a local nursery. When it bloomed 2 weeks after being planted, I was hooked. I made a return trip to Enchanted Forest and came home with Red Pearl, Melusine and Moonlight. Red Pearl promises to be a stunner, with huge velvety blooms so red they're almost black. Melusine is described by
m as like just picked strawberries and cream mixed together. Moonlight, the slowest to break dormancy thus far, is just now showing its tips. Eventually it will have lovely cream and pale green blooms. Once I got those potted up, it occurred to me that perhaps there were other amaryllis available online, which is how I came to find They wooed me with exotic amaryllis: how could I resist Chico, described as having petals that arch backwards like the wings of a fantastic tropical bird, in shades of ivory, green and burgundy? Or Papilio, the most famous of the butterfly amaryllis, and Rembrandt Van Rijn, white with crimson veining across the top of the flowers. So there are now 7 pots of Amaryllis scattered about my living room (Rembrandt Van Rijn still awaits potting ... I'm holding off until I see tips showing, hoping to extend the bloom season).

But you know, I had to go back to the website to check descriptions for this post and I think maybe I should have ordered Giraffe and Lima. Ruby Meyer, too. They're still shipping ...


Gail said…
Cindy, That is a beautiful flower! I have never grown amaryllis and everytime I see how fantastic they look I wonder why? ...Then I remember the cat! So may I enjoy your La Paz?

I like the shape of those flowers much better than the standard Amaryllis seen all over. You made a great choice.
Carol said…
Hey, they are still shipping, what are you waiting for? That's a beauiful amaryllis, wish I had ordered one! I just potted mineup, so am barely seeing shoots... maybe by Christmas...

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
herself said…
That's a cool amaryllis!

I've been hooked since I found I can plant them outside here after the holidays and they bloom again in March.

Almost makes up for no tulips and daffodils.
Sarahliz said…
For reasons I can't explain I've never had much interest in amaryllis. Probably some sort of daughterly rebellion since my mother always had them in the winter. But seeing this I'm very tempted to give them a shot. And I do need to go buy dirt anyway....
Jean said…
That is one cool amaryllis. I agree with Carol - what are you waiting for? :)
Gail, it's all my pal Twerp's fault that I'm developing a fondness for them. You're more than welcome to enjoy mine ... what exactly will the cat DO to one, though?

MMD, I had no idea that Amaryllis could be had in more exotic forms and these really have captivated me.

Carol, you still have time to order one, too! It would give you much pleasure when the weather's really dreary in January.

Linda, I'm already thinking about where in the garden some of these could go. I want to be sure I'm able to enjoy them again!

Sarahliz, I've never been a big fan of Amaryllis either, I think because all I ever saw were the large flowered red ones that are so ubiquitous during the holidays. All these different colors and forms are more to my liking!

Jean, I don't know, what AM I waiting for? Now that y'all are giving me a push, maybe I'll mosey on over to that website again!
Annie in Austin said…
Very exotic, Cindy - you're tempting me to let amaryllis back in the house again - got tired of messing around with the pots and planted them in the garden, with mixed results.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Frances said…
Hi Cindy, you are so funny, those bulb people must love you. I am still in stitches about the descriptions. It reminds me of those crazy tales in the J. Peterman catalog, building a whole romance novel out of a blouse, or bulb in this case. HA Can you plant those outside in the ground then after they bloom? I seem to remember have amaryllis in the garden and them blooming in spring in The Woodlands. Such a treat.

Annie, on a cold gray day like today, seeing these blooms does warm me up!

Frances, I'm going to plant most of these out in the spring and see what happens. I think I'll try saving at least one for forcing next year, though.
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