The Confinchion on My Corner of Katy

This just in: American Goldfinches have converged upon a suburban corner lot in Katy, Texas for their annual confinchion. Attendees agree that the new meeting place, a wood and cattle panel trellis built after Hurricane Ike destroyed the longtime confinchion center, is a definite upgrade from the old facilities. With more room to maneuver, sturdy wire upon which to perch while awaiting turns at the thistle socks, and adjacent bathing/sipping arrangements, it's not surprising that these colorful winter visitors give two wings up to the new construction.

There have been some complaints, however, by those who prefer sunflower chips to thistle seed, that confinchion hosts have been less than diligent in refilling the tube feeders. The picture below would seem to bear out that allegation. However, when questioned on the matter, the Head Gardener noted that she was having great difficulty keeping up with what she called the unusually heavy demands of the chip-loving confinchioneers and that restocking those feeders twice a day is not always feasible.

A small confinchent of birds is seen below, resting up from confinchion activities in the Vitex Lounge. Oaks and pine trees are conveniently located nearby for overnight accomodations.

Although there was widespread panic at the appearance in the vicinity of a member of the feline persuasion, and great sadness over the loss of one or more confinchiongoers to his felonious activities, birds are encouraged by the Head Gardener's efforts to deter such activity. They also commend the Head Gardener for her rescue of a finch who strayed from confinchion grounds and found himself in the unfamiliar environs of a back patio. Unable to fly through a door to get to the confinchion center, the stunned bird was given shelter until he recovered his wits and was able to return to the festivities.

As is customary, confinchion attendees have not indicated how long they will remain in the area. The Head Gardener will be restocking the sunflower chip supply later today and has vowed to be more diligent in refilling the feeders. In fact, that's where she's headed right now.


Such a darling post. You have so many. They are a delightful group to have visit, aren't they? I'm having trouble keeping up with the feeders too, but I keep trying.~~Dee
Nancy said…
Oh! Lovely post.

I'm going to have to refill my feeders... I've been remiss.
Carol said…
It's great to see a confinchion up close like that. Thanks to the Head Gardener for an "inside look" at what it takes to host such a magnificent event!
It's a finch convention! How delightful.
Kathy said…
Where do you get those thistle socks? Do you have a favorite place to stock up?
MA said…
Good Grief! Look at those happy birds! I bet there is a cacophony of bird songs and chirping going on....what fun!
cindee said…
Wow that is a major dedication to the birds! I have one sock and I have a ton of those little hungry birds too. I bought a big one from Tractor Supply last year and I keep it full all the time. I don't have to fill it nearly as often as the smaller socks. You have a lot of birds there! That bird seed is not cheap either!
Jan said…
That new Sony is taking some very good pictures. I never get the finch, but this reminds me that it's time to break out the hummingbird feeders. Cute post, love the confinchion report.
I do love my finches ... I do a happy dance every year when I see the first one!

The thistle socks are available pre-filled at Lowe's (probably Home Depot, too). You can buy the empty socks at Wild Birds Unlimited. Those who sew could probably make the socks really easily. They're just a tube with a drawstring through the top.

Lowe's also carries thistle seed in 8 lb bags. Cindee is right, it's not inexpensive! I think the price went up by $5 from last year.

Jan, you need to join the ranks of garden bloggers so you can share your pictures with a wider audience. My fellow garden bloggers would be in awe! Y'all ... Jan and I met on AOL about 12 years ago and have been fast friends ever since. She's a great traveling companion and an incredible photographer. She does take nervewracking risks to get shots sometimes. I had to hold her ankles over a gorge in Vermont.
Northern Shade said…
The all you can eat buffet seems to be the highlight of this confinchion. It must have 5 stars in the finch touring book too. It's delightful to see so many eager birds. They must be a lot of fun to watch.
Gail said…
Cindy, You are the party planner! What a feast you've set out! I love these little birds and find them nearly impossible to photograph...they see a shadow and are gone! have a sweet Sunday in your garden! gail
Garden Bloggers said…
What cool post.

"confinchion" lol.