Through the Garden Gate: Monday, April 20th

I've been outside messing with the rocks again but I came in at the behest of the Executive Producer, who has big plans for us this evening, as indeed he does every Monday. Chuck will have the pleasure of our company for an hour ... then we'll get a few thrills from Jack Bauer. Before those menages a trois, though (oh, come on, you know all of you were thinking along those lines), here's a few images through the garden gate. After perusing my images, won't you head over to see Robin at Getting Grounded, who's going to join me from Austin each week to share the view from her garden gate. If you'd like to participate next Monday, I'd be delighted to see YOUR view!

The back patio

I 've encountered technical difficulties providing pictures of the usual views so I'm going to delete the X-boxes and will make another stab at it when I'm at my home computer.
What's that creeping through the bed?

Why, it's Leon Hale, the only armadillo I'm happy to
see in my garden. He's named after the inimitable
Leon Hale, longtime columnist for the Houston Chronicle.


Carol Michel said…
Where? Where? I don't see any armadillo!
I can't see it (him?) either??
Vikki said…
The pictures are not coming up for me, Cindy. Is it my computer maybe? Vikki
Carol Michel said…
Okay, NOW I see the armadillo!
Cute Armadillo! I've never seen the real thing, but I imagine they're cute too.
Brenda Pruitt said…
I have a "Leon" except he's a giant lizard.
Rock rose said…
There is nothing I love more than a view through the garden gate. Flower pictures are all very well but the overall picture is far more telling. A photographer came over to our garden last year to take pictures for her book about views through the garden gate. I can't wait to see if she liked any of our views. Your garden is beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Just found your blog. LOVE your garden. It's exactly as I visualize mine to look one day.
And since you're in Texas even better! I'm in Austin.

Thanks for sharing such great pictures!

Annie in Austin said…
The over abundance of rain seen in the last, kind of scary, post, must have receded and left your already lush and lovely garden even more beautiful, Cindy. If Leon were real, just imagine what an easy time he'd have digging in the moist beds!

This Garden Gate idea is very cool. Heading over to Robin's now for another perspective.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Cindy, MCOK said…
Sorry for the confusion with the pictures. I'm not sure what happened but here's hoping that's the last time it does!

Lancashire Rose, having seen pictures of your amazing gardens, I consider your words high praise! Thanks for stopping by ... I hope you'll participate some Monday!

Ella, nice to see you! Austin has a thriving community of garden bloggers so you should have lots of info available to you. Good luck in your garden!

Annie, at one point last Saturday, I stopped the truck & stepped off the curb into the street to gauge whether it was too deep: the water was almost to my knees, which was a bit scary. My shoes are still drying out!
Hi Cindy ... I will definitely start participating in "Through the Garden Gate." I love looking at your new pictures each time they are posted. Vikki
Gail said…
Love your garden! Through the Garden gate is a delightful idea. I don't always post on a Monday, may I join you when I do? gail
I see Leon---he is great!!
Love your Leon! And your garden of course!
Layanee said…
I love looking through a garden gate. Glad that the tide has receded leaving just lush plants.
EAL said…
Those distressed metal garden sculptures are the best. They always fit right in.

Another lovely view--your garden always seems to look perfect. And you're always improving it.
Annie in Austin said…
Back again, Cindy - Robin can't do a Through the Garden Gate post for the 27th but if you're interested, I joined you today.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Anonymous said…
Hi Cindy,
I would love to talk with you about being a speaker at our garden club! Lorretta