Through the Garden Gate: Monday, April 27th

Today's pictures are brought to you at great personal risk ... another gullywasher came rolling through the greater Houston area today. The rain started falling about 3:45, catching me just as I was preparing to come inside for the day. Within half an hour, we were being pounded with rain, exacerbated by strong winds and accompanied by lightning and thunder. As of a few minutes ago, over 400 cloud to ground lightning strikes have been recorded. And yet there I was, sheltered under the golf umbrella (metal tipped), to capture a couple of shots through the garden gate ... not even very good ones, at that. That blur of gray-green you see in the long shot is my poor Vitex. A close-up of its wind-whipped branches follows.

Earlier today I went out to Nelson Water Gardens and bought a flat of herbs: golden oregano, golden sage, Archer's Gold Lemon Thyme (sensing a theme?). I bought a flat of annuals, too: Splash coleus, Strawberry Fields Gomphrena, Profusion Orange Zinnias, a sedum & some Pentas. I managed to get all of them except the sedum & Pentas planted out front on the south side. Here's hoping they haven't washed away!

Annie from Austin, of The Transplantable Rose, is joining me today in looking through the garden gate. Welcome, Annie, and thanks for sharing your beautiful views!


Carol Michel said…
Rain is good! But I'm just as happy to see your rain soaked garden from inside this time.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
Unknown said…
Hopefully nothing was washed away and all just got a big gulp of water that will tide them over for awhile.

At first glance I thought you were going to post that you had had a hail storm. Thank goodness I was wrong.
Annie in Austin said…
Oh, Cindy - this looks too much like the intrepid reporters on Galveston Island when Ike came through...too scary.

Love the golden theme you've started with your new plants. Isn't there something in feng shui where you put gold plants in your wealth corner?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Gail said…
Cindy, That was one intense storm! Your dry creek bed is getting a workout! Glad you were safe from the lightening under your Cindy grounded umbrella!

Love the gold theme....gail
Brenda Pruitt said…
Yep, it's been raining all day here too. Probably much of the week. Gardening from afar, I call it. Which means I'm thumbing through the newest gardening magazine!
Wow, that was an intense storm. But please, next time, don't go out in it especially with a metal-tipped umbrella. That's tempting the fates!