Carpe Hemerocallis!

Before I got started on the garden chores for today, I grabbed my camera and did walkies around my corner of Katy so I could share some of the daylilies with y'all. As I noted in my Bloom Day post, a lot of them are missing labels and have gone unidentified for way longer than I want to admit. While the Head Gardener can be faulted in many instances, there are some whose labels have faded or gone missing. I have a fairly decent list of what I've bought over the years so I'm working on matching plants with their names. I bought copper plant tags at Target last year (love that One Spot area) and I numbered them from 1-20 using a marker that's guaranteed (ha!) not to fade. When I find one that's missing a label, I take a picture of the bloom with one of the numbered tags. The tag remains with the plant; once I've made an ID, in theory I'll add the name to the tag. The only drawback to this system is that plants have to bloom in order to be recognized!

OK, on with the show. If anyone has a possible ID on some of these, please let me know! UPDATE: I e-mailed Paula Payne and she was able to identify several of them. I've noted that on the captions.

This one is growing along the split rail fence of the rose bed, so I had to stoop to capture it.
I love the darker red eye on this one.

Mambo Maid, maybe?

Nordic Nights? (Paula says no.) Eddie Gage?

I know where I bought this one, just can't remember the name. Payne's in the Grass Daylilies
in Pearland, Texas is well worth a visit during bloom season if you're in the Houston area. Paula said this is one of their seedlings ... nice work, Paula & Leon!

I think this one is Enon.

Bittersweet Holiday
This one has the wow factor going for it! Small Tempest is the name.

Cimarron Knight, my favorite this year thus far

Seize the daylily, my friends! Seize the daylily!


Kathy said…
Little Grapette for the purple with yellow center. The one with the red eye--Pardon Me? The one with the word Bittersweet above it looks like Beppie to me. Those three look very familiar to me.
The first one looks like one of the Chicago daylilies, 'Chicago Thistle,' 'Chicago Silver,' 'Chicago Weathermaster,' 'Chicago Queen.' I grew all of those and couldn't tell them apart. I think Kathy is right, that does look like 'Little Grapette.' The one with the purple/lavender/blue eye looks like a Salter daylily. Do you have the list of names? We could play a matching game.
Cindy, MCOK said…
I know I owned Little Grapette at some point in history but I remember its blooms being paler than that. You have to factor in our higher temperatures and how they affect depth of color. What's vivid in NY often pales in comparison here! I don't have Pardon Me on my list but it rings a bell. The orange is definitely Bittersweet (but I like the name Beppie!).

MMD, I know that first one doesn't have Chicago in its name. I'm pretty sure it came from Payne's in the Grass. I need to e-mail them and ask if they'll take a look at this post. They could probably ID most of them. Otherwise, I have to wade through my list of nearly 100. I don't have that many now; that includes the ones I've bought and lost.
Gail said…
They are all good looking fellows and ladies! I can only enjoy their photos! All of mine are now without id! I have a list of what I have but I think they have crossed over the 15 years! I spent a day googling the list and only was able to id a few! See you soon! gail
EAL said…
How lovely they must all look in the garden. I am no daylily expert; I have 3-4 that do alright , given the conditions.

Clearly you are quite the afficionada.
Yummm, that last one is so beautiful. It's a good thing I'm going to Chicago, or I might need to just come down to Katy and snag a piece of it. Just kidding. So pretty all of them.~~dee
Cindy, looks like we have some of the same daylilies. Only mine never had a name since they came with the yard/house unlabelled. The first one you have is one that I have many multiples of. It must have been very prolific at one time (or else the previous owner liked it best).

Good point about depth of color. In the south things can look quite different. I look forward to seeing if you get more ID's. And to see you in Chicago!