Through the Garden Gate: Monday, May 11th

I'd like to be coherent, really I would ... but it's just not in the cards for today. I fear my ability to string words together into pretty sentences has been severely impaired by the early onset of summer. I am unaccustomed to being driven inside by the heat and humidity before 2 pm in May. June, yes ... July, certainly ... August, indubitably ... but to have it happen in May feels a positive injustice. My brain is frazzled, Picasa has been behaving very strangely when I upload photos, and the idea of chucking it all and running away is most appealing. If you don't hear from me next week, you'll know I'm outta here! The only question will be where to go: most likely you should look for me in Hawaii where I shall obtain work at a bar and grill, and call myself Tex, as I did in a former life. It does get a tad warm there, too, though ... perhaps I should hie myself to Colorado and seek employment at the delightful and eclectic Gwynne's nursery in Longmont or at Denver Botanic Gardens. And I do hear that the Pacific Northwest has near perfect summers: I have a friend on Bainbridge Island and there's a splendid nursery there, too. Right now, though, I'm going to finish this post and abscond to the grocery store. It's a pretty safe bet that I will return (and that a bottle of wine will make it home with me). Without further ado, I bring you today's views through the garden gate.

Is That A Garden Cart in Your Path or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

Contemplate coneflowers.

Not quite as overblown back there as it has been! Most of the
spring annuals are past their prime, so I've been yanking them
with wild abandon.

Gartendirektor Otto Linne ... I just call him Otto.

I may finally have found the right spot for Scabiosa!

Brugmansia positively dripping with blooms. (OK, I'm cheating: this is
from my 2006 visit to family on the windward side of Oahu, Hawaii ... there IS
a garden gate in that stone wall, though!)

Since I showed one from Hawaii, it's only fair I show a picture from the Denver Botanic Garden: I did have to go through a garden gate to get in!

I can't find any pictures from my visits to Seattle, though, so I'll leave
you with one final shot through my garden gate. Uncropped, untouched, untidied: this is what it looks like around here much of the time. It's a work in progress: today I feel like there's a lot of work and very little progress to show for it!

Gail from Clay and Limestone is joining me today to take a look through her garden gate: you can read her delightful post here.


Carol Michel said…
Surprisingly coherent! A little air conditioning, a trip to the grocery, and all is right with the world. Your garden looks like a great place to be, since I can't feel the heat through the Internet (thank goodness).

Carol, May Dreams Gardens (the high here was about 65 F, by the way)
Kathy said…
It always feels like an injustice when our thermometer hits 90 or higher, because I figure I put up with the long winter so I'll be spared the hot summer! Thank you for another trip through your garden gate!
I'm sorry it's so hot there. I've got a dripping cold glass of iced tea for you here in Oklahoma. Just come on up.~~Dee
MA said…
Dear Tex,
Once upon a time, I couldn't tell if I was having hot flashes or if it was the heat and humidity in DC. A friend said, why don't you just go stick your head in the freezer for awhile. You know what? I think it worked. You should try it. Garden looks great. Yours and Denver's. Now, go indoors and turn up the AC.
Thanks for including photos with your work items in view. It seems whenever I take long shots, I'm scurrying around to move such things out of the way. I can imagine how icky it is to be so hot this early. I hope it is an odd fluke, and not the beginning of a long hot summer.
Gail said…
Hi Cindy, Even when your garden is shown not altogether's beautiful. The hardscape is evident! Love the shots of the Denver Garden! Oh #*#* sorry that the ugly part of summer has reared it's head! It was my pleasure to known you as we wander Through the Summers of Our Lives! Not far from truth...there is much drama in a garden! gail
Layanee said…
I love looking through your garden gate and then, following you in. Sorry for that high heat so early. It happened here also.
Brenda Kula said…
I really like the whimsical look of your pavers. You have a gorgeous garden. And the weather here has been horridly humid. Drenched in minutes. I hear ya!
Cindy, MCOK said…
Carol, I guess I can forgive you for the ETG (Egregious Temperature Gloating, for those unfamiliar with this acronym). If it happens in July or August, I can't be held responsible for what I might do!

Kathy, I look forward to October every year because I know it means the 90+ temps are almost history!

Dee, that sounds wonderful!

MA, I know that feeling! I have a neck chiller that cools me down a little. When all else fails, I turn the hose on myself!

MMD, more often than not, you can tell that this is a working garden. It's rarely tidy and picture perfect!

Gail, I'm cracking up ... Through the Summers of our Lives ... the gripping story of gardeners and their passionate affairs (with plants)(like PPPP!).

Layanee, it's hot in RHODE ISLAND? OK, that is so very wrong! Sometimes the only thing that keeps me going is knowing those of y'all in other parts of the country are enjoying decent weather.

Brenda, my patios are big squares of concrete and the pavers are my attempt to pull it all together. I've got flagstone installation on both patios scheduled for June, though. I may have to redo the paths after that!

Thanks for looking through the garden gate with me, y'all!
Frances said…
Hi Tex, I'll have a bloody Mary, no ice, extra hot sauce please. Your dreamy spots made me laugh, and then you had photos to back it up! I do think May is too early to be driven inside. I remember that heat well. Gardening before the sun was up was standard practice. And still dripping wet by 10 AM. Don't miss that part of living there, but do miss the good friends. Looking forward to meeting up in person, soon!
I had quite a good laugh from this post! I'm with you and complaining all the way about the early onset of summer. But just when I do that, it turns to spring or dare I say late winter again! Where did this cold breeze come from?

Your post reminds me of when we returned to Austin from a trip overseas one August. It was 108 degrees when we landed (in the evening no less!). I immediately started trying to find another place to live. Vancouver, B.C. seemed the best spot until I saw the housing prices, yikes! Anyway, hang in there. Looking forward to meeting you at CSF!
EAL said…
It looks great, especially the warm stone tones with the pink flowers.