Watch Out, Chicago, Here We Come!

Another unknown daylily

Starting tomorrow, the Windy City will play host to over 50 garden bloggers from around the country as we meet for the second Garden Bloggers' Spring Fling. Those of us who attended last year's fling in Austin are looking forward to renewing the friendships made during that event as well as meeting more of the bloggers we know and love to read. We'll tour gardens both public and private, including Chicago Botanic Garden, the Lurie Garden at Millenium Park, the Lincoln Park Conservatory and even renowned chef Rick Bayless' private urban kitchen garden.

For me, one of the highlights of the weekend will be the opportunity to see in person many of the plants that we're unable to grow here and which I've only seen in pictures. Those of us who make it into town tomorrow will enjoy the special treat of a tour of Squirrelhaven, the gardens of Mr. McGregor's Daughter: we're told we might just get to see her tree peony in bloom! Excitement is mounting and by the time I get there tomorrow morning, I expect to be positively giddy (which giddiness may run rampant when greeted by the cooler temperatures predicted there)!

I do leave with a certain amount of trepidation regarding my own garden's wellbeing in my absence. Despite my stated intention of drastically reducing the number of containers that must be watered this summer, I still have numerous plants in pots that didn't make it into the ground this spring. The Executive Producer and the No-Longer-A-Teenager (as of yesterday) had agreed to keep an eye on things but as the time to leave drew closer, I decided that I'd best bring in some paid outside assistance to ensure the continued health of such plants as the Big Sky Sunrise yellow Echinacea pictured at the bottom of this post. An able young friend who is soon to be a grad student in audiology and speech pathology at Vanderbilt University in Nashville will visit Wit's End twice during my absence and take care of the watering chores. I'll enjoy myself much more knowing that she's on duty! Thanks, K.H.!

I'd also like to thank Laura Haynes Weisman of the Houston Chronicle, who graciously provided swag for me to bring along for my fellow bloggers. The bloggers are lucky to have her!


Don't get too giddy, there may be nothing left of that Tree Peony by tomorrow. It'll be fun anyway, and I can't wait to see you again!
Gail said…
Cindy, I am so excited to see you and all the Flingers! gail
Great post about so many things. I can't wait to see you again. Hiring someone to help for a few days is a good thing. I hired my nephew, and he's very conscientious. Chicago, here you come.~~Dee
Kathy said…
Have a great trip!
Annie in Austin said…
Leaving the garden to anyone else is always a wrench isn't it, Cindy?

Saw MMD's blog so know you've arrived safely in Chicago and are having a blast with MMD, Dee & Gail while Kathy & I keep up with all the tweets!

Cindy, MCOK said…
We had the best time in Chicago, much of that thanks to MMD! I hope to visit again someday.