Through the Garden Gate: Monday, June 29th

As the sun sank ever lower into the western sky, the intrepid Head Gardener braved thunder and lightning, not to mention the possibility of a torrential downpour, to bring y'all this week's TTGG post.

Two views from the gate:

Otto Linne, living up to the words below him:

That torrential downpour never materialized. This is
the sum total of the rain that fell. They dried in about 5 minutes!


Carol Michel said…
I do hope you get more, or shall I say, some rain, and soon. But your garden still looks great, even dry. No doubt, the Head Gardener has been working hard!
Gail said…
When it does rain...the flagstones will glisten beautifully! Hoping it rains on you very soon! Watering by hand is hard work! I can see it ispaying off. gail
Yep, Mother Nature is just messing with us, isn't she? Hang in there. Nice flagstones.
Someday, it will rain again. It will probably be in the form of a hurricane, but it will rain. Hopefully sooner, rather than later.
Rose said…
Otto Linne is a beauty! I have been waiting for rain, too--the skies have been full of dark clouds for two days, but only a few drops fell. I watered all my tomatoes this morning, thinking that would surely bring it on, but the sun came out instead:) I'm sure you're in more need of rain than us...those flagstones look beautiful wet or dry!
layanee said…
I am sorry it is so hot and no rain in appreciable amounts. We have the opposite here with very low humidity and a high of 73 F today. Just a gorgeous day. I do like the view through the gate.
Cindy, MCOK said…
I was almost in tears this morning as I attempted to water some hard hit plants. I may have more opportunities than I can count to try new plants by the time fall gets here.
I think it's time to start praying for rain. I'm so sorry about the drought. The plants do look wonderful though. I would never know there was a problem if you didn't tell me.~~Dee