Through the Garden Gate: Monday, July 6th

The Head Gardener is not in the best of moods so this week's installment of TTGG is a brief one. When she saw earlier today that the rain promised to her corner of Katy was heading for Louisiana instead, she began to pout. Even a new pair of shoes and dinner out failed to console her much. Since she's at her wits' end at Wit's End, it's thought best that she retire to her corner and do a little light reading and maybe watch some TV ... perhaps Lt. Provenza will do something on THE CLOSER tonight to improve her mood. That's a mighty big perhaps, though, so we're hedging our bets and providing her with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc to sip while she sits.

Before she goes, she wishes to share the pictures she took this morning. This is the usual view: thank heavens for Otto Linne and Laura Bush, without whom the view would be bleak indeed.

That rock wall in the picture below was an impromptu effort brought on by the need to move the rocks left in the path by the stonemasons. They removed a rock edging along the sidewalk in order to put down the flagstone, and placed those rocks in the checkerboard path that meanders between beds. The HG's original plan for the back included stacked stone/rock borders but budgetary constraints rendered that impractical at the time. One would think that the record-breaking temperatures we've been enduring here would discourage the HG from rocking out. One would be wrong, as evidenced below. The HG rather likes the effect of this low stacked wall/edging. She will not be constructing more such walls until cooler weather, however.

St. Fiacre can't believe his eyes: are those newly purchased plants in those black plastic pots below him? What can the Head Gardener be thinking??????????? (Her answer: "no comment").

Moss Pink Verbena, Profusion Apricot Zinnia, and a Mexican Feather Grass don't mind the heat.

This handsome amphibian blends in with his surroundings pretty well ... he's one of several such fine fellows (dis)appearing nightly to serenade the residents of Wit's End.

And now, if you'll excuse me, the Head Gardener best be provided with the aforementioned glass of wine lest she turn surly.


Well I'm sorry you didn't get the rain but I didn't get it either! It was just barely south of here. Oh well. Wine helps.
I don't blame you for getting surly. You got cheated. But your rock wall is just spiffy. And yes, it's hard to say no to those cute little plants just begging to come home with you.
beckie said…
Maybe a second glass of wine is in order to help the HG's mood?? The rock wall is just perfect, but I would think cooler temps WOULD be in order for any attempt at more. Also, I know how hard it is to not buy more plants, especially when you find them half priced like Rose and i did this past week. Hope the rest of your week goes better. :)
Carol Michel said…
We are doing all in our power to coerce whomever or whatever is responsible for rain and cooler temps to provide same for the HG and her garden as NO ONE wants to deal with a surly HG. By the way, observers of photos of the garden still think it looks quite lovely, a credit to the HG!
Pam/Digging said…
I understand being surly in this heat, and I'll be out in it constructing a low wall tomorrow and the next day. Ugh.
Frances said…
Wow, even new shoes didn't relieve the pouty HG? Hope the wine did the trick then. That forecasted rain that is a no show happens here all the time, we feel there is a bubble around our town that lets it rain all around us but not here at the Fairegarden.

You asked about the crocosmia seeds, my answer was : total failure as best as can be seen. Seeds were started in the greenhouse with zero results. Seeds scattered around the bed have produced zero also. 0 for 0. At least the plants are easy to divide to make more.

Rose said…
I can see why you would like to add more rock borders--they really add the finishing touch here. Maybe when the economy improves? Sorry the rain missed you...I won't tell you about the lovely day of rain we've had here:) I hope the glass of wine and the episode of The Closer (my favorite show!) Monday night helped to make you feel a little better. I'd be grumpy, too.
Ruthie said…
Your garden is simply amazing!!! I'm drinking up all your old posts but would love to visit sometime. Thank you so much for sharing.
Annie in Austin said…
Heard a few places in Central/South Texas got some rain, but my garden wasn't one of them either, Cindy. Your garden looks good in the photos! Rock on and hope for El Nino?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Gail said…
Surly is called for and so is wine on days like you've had! The rock wall looks wonderful, but I would wait until fall, too....I have an entire nursery bed of plants to plant this fall..when else can we buy them;) Not in the fall! gail
Cindy, MCOK said…
Jean, we got a 20 minute shower on Tuesday morning. It was enough that I didn't have to water pots on Wednesday!

MMD, those cute little plants were found this morning, languishing due to lack of water and attention. I depotted them, washed off the roots and put them into a bigger pot with better soil.

Beckie, a second glass was definitely prescribed and taken!

Carol, the HG appreciates your efforts! You're very right about no one wanting to deal with her when she's surly. Even the dog keeps her distance!

Pam, I'm in awe of your construction efforts under such adverse conditions!

Frances, I describe my part of Katy as having some kind of force field that keeps the rain away! I feel better about the crocosmia seeds now, hope you do too!

Rose, I'm glad someone is getting decent rainfall! I'm less worried about the funds to pay for the rock wall than I am the weather in which I have to work!

Sweet Potato, welcome to my corner of Katy! Are you in the greater Houston area, too?

Annie, if El Nino wants to bring us rain and a mild winter, that's fine by me! I'm sure you Austinites agree.

Gail, we actually have a pretty decent assortment of plants available here in the fall. It's my favorite time to plant.
If you don't drink all the wine, can I have some? Rain keeps passing us by, too, and now I've gone and lost my favorite weeding tool! Still, as Carol says, you can't tell there are any problems by looking at your photos.