Three for Thursday: September 17, 2009

I rescued two four inch pots of Lantana from Lowe's clearance table a few months ago. They were small but in good condition and I just couldn't leave them there to languish until they expired. I planted them in the rose bed that's on the back corner of the side yard near the alleyway. I wasn't sure they'd do much of anything but for 50 cents each, I figured it wasn't any great loss if they didn't. The Head Gardener says I underestimated them and I guess she's right. They each cover a four foot square area and are about 24 inches tall. For this week's Three for Thursday, here are 3 blooms from those plants ... the color variations never fail to intrigue me AND make me smile!

"I call that a bargain, the best I ever had ..." (What? No, Who ... The, not Doctor.)


Carol Michel said…
That does look like a good bargain. I like lantana for containers here in the summer time. Do they overwinter for y'all?
Such a deal! They are so bright & cheery. Lantana is such an easy, carefree plant. So why didn't I plant any this summer.
They look great! I have such a time with lantana in containers. It requires so much more water. Do you find that true as well Cindy?
Gail said…
Excellent Who reference! They are pretty fantastic plants and the color variation on your blooms make me smile, too. Fifty cents! ...I thought my .99 plants were a good deal! gail