January Showers, Please Bring Spring Flowers!

Tomorrow is Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day and the difference between January 2009 and January 2010 will be so pronounced as to send the Head Gardener into a prolonged sulk. I can't even tempt her with the promise of a plant buying expedition to jolly her out of it, since she's been battling her annual case of bronchitis and can't be allowed out just yet. The forecast of continued rain has lifted her spirits a bit. She's hoping that the rain will encourage germination of all those seeds we've sowed in the last couple of months and that come March, our corner of Katy will have blooms aplenty to share with fellow Bloom Day enthusiasts. If it doesn't, I may have to take her to Hawaii to get her mind off it! Or maybe I can take her back to Santa Fe to visit this fellow she met on Canyon Road.


Next year will be better in terms of blooms but this year is at least not boring in terms of gardening experience :)
I had to laugh at what Leslie said - she's right! Get well soon.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Thanks, Helen!

MMD, it was fun to frolic by that sculpture in the snow. Santa Fe is practically littered with such photo opportunities!

Leslie, I suspect this year will give me a new appreciation for boring!

Jean, I hope Leslie's right about better blooms to come, too!