Olly Olly Oxalis Free ...

That's what I wish my garden would be! It's discouraging to go for a stroll around the garden and discover that the number one source of green is that most hated of weeds here at Wit's End, Oxalis. True, the Head Gardener and I celebrated seeing it back in September, as related in this look through the garden gate. But that was many months ago after a long and hellatious summer. We knew we'd come to curse its existence again, as we have many a fall and winter before. We continue to dig it out when we have the time, energy and inclination to do it properly. Occasionally the HG gets so fed up with it that she abandons her organic intentions, fills the pump sprayer with glyphosate and lets 'er rip. That hasn't happened yet this winter but I have no illusions that she won't yet resort to such extreme measures.

I find it ironic that the only Oxalis that will NOT grow vigorously in the ground here on my corner of Katy is Oxalis triangularis, she of the lovely purple foliage. This particular plant was brought to me from Biltmore some years back by my good friend Laura. I placed it in the ground where it promptly began to sulk and languish like a delicate flower of Southern womanhood on a hot summer afternoon. I pulled it out and placed it in this pot, where it has resided happily ever since.


LindaCTG said…
I've not had much luck with the purple oxalis in the ground either. Such a shame since it's a beautiful color. Maybe it does want the controlled environment of a pot?

Here's the word from Trisha on planting forced bulbs: Narcissus, tulips, etc – the foliage usually doesn’t last all that long on a forced bulb anyway and they are much more tolerant of colder temperatures – so I plant them right away.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Thanks, Linda, for the info from Trisha. I'll plant them out when the blooms fade.

I see that our Science Guy at the Houston Chronicle reports we're likely to get another freeze in 2 weeks, according to the models. So we have to hang in there with winter a bit longer. Dang.
I also think that Oxalis does like to be in a pot. Mine grew huge over the summer in a container and I was able to divide into 2 nice-sized plants.