You're a SUMMER snowflake and you're blooming today?

Granted, you're not a summer bloomer here by any means. Your common name was doubtless given to you by a gardener far north of this corner of Katy. (FAR FAR north.) Given the frigid temperatures you'll be forced to endure the next 3 days, you might well feel like you've been relocated ... if not to Buffalo or Chicago, to Oklahoma or even North Texas. Poor misguided darling, what is to become of you and your fellows? You may not be mush by tomorrow but what of the day after?

The Head Gardener and I can only wait and see.


Pam/Digging said…
Mine aren't up yet, thank goodness. Very frigid outside.
Layanee said…
I only have snowdrops and it is much too soon for them to show their clean, white faces. So glad to see that you are going to Buffalo this summer. Yay!
Rose said…
Cindy, you certainly are having some strange weather! It's been consistently cold here for two weeks, and we've had a big dumping of snow that closed the schools and made traveling difficult this week. But at least I don't have to worry about growing plants freezing--there's nothing growing in my garden! I hope you don't suffer too much frost damage.
Charlotte said…
Can't believe you've got a freeze there!! Have just been wondering what's going to happen to all our snowdrops here??
Cindy, MCOK said…
Pam, the foliage was already showing some signs of damage Saturday. I haven't looked at them yet today.

Layanee, I'm getting very excited about Buffalo and it will be great to hang out with you again!

Rose, it's been a very cold winter for us and it wouldn't surprise me if we see some more frigid weather in February. It's going to be an interesting spring here as I watch to see what recovers.

Charlotte, welcome to MCOK! We'd gotten complacent about winter weather because it's been over a decade since we've seen temperatures this low. I hope your snowdrops survive!