Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

Gray and overcast though the skies and my mood have been, I did find a bright spot in the garden today. No matter how gloomy the prospect of a verdant and floriferous spring seems right now, I'm taking them as a reminder that spring will indeed come again. Nature will find a way and so will I.


Are those blooming right now? Wow! Mine are still just little shoots. Very cool for you.
Rose said…
These daffodils are surely a sign of hope and promise for you, Cindy. I've been reading through your last few posts and feeling so badly for all that you may have lost. Yes, spring will come, and a chance to renew your garden!
Gail said…
A wonderful song and those blooms are perfect to raise spirits~~gail
Yours are blooming? OMG--lucky you!
Cindy, MCOK said…
Jean and MT, these bulbs were passalongs from my neighbor and I have them in an old metal tub. I definitely want more. If anyone recognizes them, please let me know. I think they're Tete-a-Tete but I'm not sure.

Rose, maybe that's why they bloomed early: they knew I needed them to! Once the weather warms up, and I can get going out there, I hope I'll feel more equal to the challenges of renewal.

Gail, they didn't last long but they were a very bright spot in my day.