A Flurry of Activity ...

And I didn't even get any pictures! I looked out the window late this afternoon and big fat snowflakes were drifting towards the ground. While my sister in Austin and a friend in Waco got significant accumulations (for those parts of Texas, not for Chicago or Minneapolis), nothing stuck here because the ground was wet from the rain that fell throughout the day. The snow was all over within minutes. Although a low of 31 degrees is predicted tonight, I'd be surprised if my corner of Katy got anything more than a light frost.

Although I did get outside to feed the goldfinches and their avian brethren (including 20 or more white-winged doves wandering the grounds of the Confinchion Center), that was my only excursion for the day. It's just too danged cold and wet to be out there for even a few minutes! I'm consoling myself for the lack of outside time with the thought that the rain will encourage the spring annuals to get growing and by April, there will be a much more colorful flurry of activity here at Wit's End.


Rain is good. Although I think I've had enough for a while. What I and the garden need now is WARMTH!
Gail said…
Too danged cold and wet are the perfect descriptions! It's very cold now and when the temps heat up it will be mudcity! I am so needing to garden! gail