Saturday, Saturday, Ever Loving Saturday ...

I was up bright and early this morning so I could make it to the Tomato-Pepper Sale in a timely manner. Although I was surprised by how few people were in line when I got there, there was a full house in the auditorium for a presentation on the varieties available. When we opened the doors, those folks didn't saunter out casually ... most of them sprinted! As she checked out, one woman told me that she'd gotten a call from her husband in the thick of things, asking where she was. She shouted at him that she couldn't talk, she was too busy trying to fight her way through the throngs to get to the plants! From 9-10:30, we had a constant flow of customers waiting to check out, most of them happy to have gotten what they wanted and willing to be patient. While we did sell out of several varieties of tomatoes and peppers, and our entire stock of herbs was sold, we still had a nice selection of Lycopersicon and Capsicum by the time I got a break. Since my veggie growing pals are determined that I too shall become a veggie grower, I fulfilled their fondest wishes and brought home a nice assortment of peppers and tomatoes, as seen below. Peppers include Golden Summer, Mucho Nacho, Mariachi and Giant Marconi. I bought Jaune Flamme and Green Zebra tomatoes, as well as 2 plants of Sungold. I love cherry tomatoes so I don't think 2 plants is too many. My first year growing them, I planted 12. Uh-huh. TWELVE. I had a cherry tomato jungle in the back yard.

Although the day started off cloudy and chilly, once the skies cleared and the temperatures warmed, it was a great day to be outside selling plants. In between tending to customers, my cashiering cohorts and I ate our lunch al fresco and talked about what we'd be replacing in our gardens. It's comforting to know that others share my predicament! By the time I made it home in the afternoon, I was too tired to do anything in my garden, though. Once I'd had a little nap, though, I grabbed my camera to capture proof of my veggie purchases. While I had the camera in my hand, I looked around for any other photo ops worth sharing and I realized that I keep forgetting to mention my new toy. I was getting ready to check out at Lowe's recently and this baby was sitting near the checkout stand. I've been wanting a tumbling composter and the price was right ($99), so I brought it home for the Executive Producer to put together. It claims I can have compost in 3-4 weeks but I expect it will take a bit longer, seeing how little green material I have to add right now.

I've been watching this Laura Bush Petunia for a few weeks now: it made it through the January freezing spell just fine and is now sporting a couple of blooms.

And much to my surprise, there was a bloom on a Calibrachoa.

I was going to close by saying that hopefully, I'll have tomatoes this color in a couple of months. Then I realized that I didn't buy any red tomatoes. I need to do something about that!


Cool composter! Maybe someday I'll give in and buy one...very tempting.
Yes, very nice composter--a good buy too. Sounds like the plant sale was a success.