A Request from the Head Gardener

Please remind She Who Must Be Obeyed of her previous words on the subject of Spiderwort. It's a dangerous time of year on this corner of Katy ... the Spiderwort are blooming and SWMBO is once again allowing emotion to hold sway over intellect. The beauty of their blooms seems to have a druglike effect on her sensibilities, causing her to completely ignore my admonitions that we must be vigilant in our efforts to hold this arachnidian invader at bay.

Even rain sodden, she finds them beautiful. I will admit that I have a particular fondness for this particular variety, partially because it is much more well mannered than its relatives. We found this growing outside Zapp Hall in Warrenton, Texas one spring.

Because of its unusual coloration and less aggressive tendencies, I have grudgingly agreed that we can allow Tradescantia 'Zapp Hall Orchid' (our working name for it) to remain in the garden. However, I am insistent (and I am unanimous in this) that we must assiduously deadhead all other varieties and eradicate any seedlings that appear. We'll see how successful I am in convincing SWMBO.


Carol Michel said…
Yes, I have a tiny bit of a spiderwort problem in my garden, too. Dang things are so cute in bloom. But they are tramps in the garden, leaving their seedlings everywhere. Be diligent!
But it is soooo pretty! Sigh.
Gail said…
If the spiderwort can grow in the vinca I let it stay. Something has to fight that horrid army! I do like the look of Zapp Hall Orchid...prettier then the species for sure. gail
Diana said…
I can't get them to grow! I've planted several and just haven't found the right spot yet. Guess they need water! Ha ha. But I love them - send me yours!
How about this for encouragement: do you really need more plants whose flowers melt by noon? Zapp Hall Orchid is a great name, it's a worthy keeper.
Randy Emmitt said…
Hi, My first visit here! I have 3 different spiderworts and I love them. One is old and has stayed put the others are new. Must be my plant locations, keeping them at bay.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Carol, the HG and I will be very diligent. We're still pulling them on a near daily basis!

Leslie, I know. That's why my resolve weakens every spring. I will NOT fling seed about this year, though. I refuse to say if I've done so in the past.

Gail, I may let it go in one area where I need something tough. The Zapp Hall Orchid seems to die back in the summer, which is part of its more mannerly habit.

Diana, I know Pam had mentioned that they're not invasive for her, either. I'll try to bring you some ZHO next time I'm in Austin.

MMD, I'll be at Zapp Hall on Friday and will be looking to see if their ZHO Spiderworts are blooming.

Randy, welcome! Are your Spiderworts hybrid varieties, I wonder? I've tried to grow a couple of those with NO success.