Singing the Blues in Central Texas

Just down the road from the Antique Rose Emporium, a field of bluebonnets beckoned. While only parents of small children are obligated by state law to stop for a mandatory photo opportunity, all native Texans are strongly encouraged to do so. It's possible that's all that's standing between Texans and a state income tax. I know my duty ... I did my part.


Carol Michel said…
Yes, the Texas bluebonnets. Saw them for the first time two years ago when I traveled to Austin for the first garden bloggers get together. They are pretty, that's for sure!
Cindy, I am so excited! We are going to Houston for the weekend, and I was so afraid they wouldn't be out yet--everything seems to be a little late this year. Yay for bluebonnets! We will be sure to take our picture once again and do our civic duty.
LOL! I think it'll take more than that to get state income tax in Texas! Lovely. I'll have to stop for the requisite photo on the way to Houston.
I'd have stopped too. Lovely! (You & the flowers.)
Cindy, MCOK said…
Carol, I'm glad you got to see our state flower. They're such a treat every year.

MG, I hope you'll see some blue beauties along the way. This was the best field I saw last weekend. They are definitely a bit later than they've been in the last few years.

Jean, I hope you got a chance to pose with some. If not, there's a good photo op spot in my garden!

MMD, like the flowers, I am au naturel in that picture. Well, not completely, LOL.