Three for Thursday: Phlox

It's that time of year, y'all ... I have become a gardening fool, a veritable whirling dervish of planting and weeding and planning and scheming. So if my posts are brief for a bit, bear with me. This Thursday's subject was suggested to me by the Head Gardener, who is all aflutter to see buds on two of them.

The Phlox pilosa so beloved of Gail at Clay and Limestone is coming back nicely after having been transplanted last fall. Will she prove to be practically perfect on my corner of Katy, too?

Below is Phlox pilosa 'Forest Frost', a white blooming variety that has really taken off for me. It's proven very easy to start from cuttings, a trait that the Head Gardener and I both applaud.

Then there's Phlox divaricata, the wonderful spring bloomer with blue-purple flowers and a tidy creeping/mounding habit. You can call it Louisiana Phlox or you can call it Woodland Phlox ... we call it delightful!

That's it for this Thursday ... the HG is tapping her foot and looking impatient so I'd best get back out there before she goes HoJo on me. That's another funny story I need to share sometime.


I understand completely! I am the same whirling dervish. I think it is because we feel our time is limited in the Spring...before too long, it will be so hot, we will be forced to limit our time to early morning and dusk (and risk being eaten alive by mosquitoes).

All your Pholx looks very healthy and happy, ready to take off and start blooming by the looks of some of those buds.
Anonymous said…
Such lush green foliage my dear. Still a bit barren up here but another month will be another world.
Carol Michel said…
Pace yourself! We haven't really gotten started in the garden yet, but our days a-coming!
beckie said…
Oh to be out and whirling dervishly in the garden! Our time will come, but it's hard not be a little envious. :)