Three for Thursday

It was a busy day here on my corner of Katy. Not only did I spend all day outside cutting back freeze-damaged plants, and lamenting what I fear will be the passing of many to the great compost pile in the sky, I had an able and hard-working crew here to turn one of my spur-of-the-moment bright ideas(or as my acronym-loving pal Carol at May Dreams Gardens would call them, SOTMBIs) into reality. Leftover materials from that project resulted in further SOTMBIs. I'll show y'all those as soon as I've done some cleanup in the work areas.

I've also gone a little crazy this week with a can of purple spray paint. You'll get to see the results of that soon, too.

I'm still on a bulb kick and that's what I've chosen for this week's Three for Thursday subject. This is the first bloom on Freesia laxa, formerly known as Lapeirousia laxa (The Head Gardener and I like to say Lapeirousia ... say it with us, la-pay-ruze-ee-yuh. Isn't it fun?). These small bulbs naturalize beautifully here in south central Texas; the bulbs offset and the plants also reseed. Although I lost quite a few to the bouts of freezing weather and the foliage was damaged on many others, there are still plenty to go around. They're tiny charmers and one of my personal favorites.

I know I said it just last week, but I feel it exigent upon me to tell you once again that I will never again fail to plant tulips! These Prinses Irene just about break my heart when backlit by the morning sun, their colors are that beautiful.

And this impulse purchase at Lowe's, one of two labeled simply Pink Daffodils, is proving to be one of those impulses I am thoroughly happy to have indulged! I may even run by another Lowe's to see if I can find more of these. Will they rebloom next year? I hope so but at $1.74 per pot, I won't feel like a spendthrift if they don't.


Whatever they are called, I say they are beautiful.

I have been cleaning up this week also. The weather has been spectacular up until today. The Bradford Pears around town are getting ready to pop. I am wondering if my Gardenias are toast. The leaves are all a nice toasty brown. I don't know if I should leave them, trim them back, or replace them. I guess time will tell--in the 10 years we have lived here, I've not had this happen.
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