The Great Rockout of 2010: Day Five

The crew made big progress today ... take a look!


MA said…
This is coming together so beautifully! Wow. Glad you got some help. What fun it will be to plant it!
Carol said…
That is great progress!
Leslie said…
How cool is that! So all the areas in the walls will be planted? This is so fun!
This looks awesome!!!! Well done!
It looks fantastic! Aren't you pleased? And it goes so well with your house. I saw that wheelbarrow-love it! :)
Gail said…
Love it Cindy...I want a rock border like that one! gail
It really looks great. Love the style and color.~~Dee
Oh, I have an acute case of rock envy! That's looking so good.
I looked back at the photos from your previous posts to get a picture of the 'before' shots, and the rocks really enhance your yard and add great structure. Rocks have been integrated into my yard in various ways over the years, and more are on their way to finish a project we've had in mind for quite some time. I like the variety of textures and dimensions your various rocks bring to your yard!
Cindy, MCOK said…
Thanks, y'all! Otahal and crew will return tomorrow and hope to finish it up then. He stopped by today and we talked about tweaking a couple of spots to make me happier with them. I'm getting excited about being able to plant!
Kathy said…
Your garden is really going to look fantastic when this is done. The best thing you can do for a cottage-style garden is give it structure. Like Mr. McGregor's Daughter, I have rock envy.

You might have explained it before, but why is it called moss rock?