The Great Rockout of 2010: Day Six

My attack of buyer's remorse is forgotten ... I'm very happy with how the borders turned out! The crew spent the entire afternoon finishing up the rock work. Since the soil yard was unable to deliver my order today, Otahal and the senores will return on Friday morning to spread 16 yards of soil. You heard that right, 16 yards. Holy moly, sacre' bleu and ay chihuahua! That's a lot of dirt!

No more rocking out ... it's time to get down and dirty! Once the soil is in place, the real fun begins! When I post the final installment Friday, I'll talk a bit about what I'm hoping to plant in each area. Otahal brought me quite a few very cool plants from his plant farm: in addition to designing, building, and refurbishing gardens, he's also a plant grower. He and I have had a great time talking plants while he's been here.

Linda from Central Texas Gardener commented the other day that she wished Otahal could come to her garden: all she need do to make that wish come true is call him! He actually lives in Smithville, near Austin, and would be happy to work more in that area of Texas. (Driving 40 miles to Austin is much easier than driving 110 miles to Katy!) If anyone is interested in talking with him, e-mail me at and I'll give you his phone number.


beckie said…
Wow Cindy! That is a lot of area to plant. What fun you are going to have. Can't wait to see what all you put in the new beds. I can't imagine how much dirt that will be-2 or more truck loads?? Just be careful as I have said before and don't over do. The new gardens will wait for you to get them all planted.
LindaCTG said…
Okay, now you've inspired me for sure. I need to rock out too. This is gorgeous & worth all that hard work.