The Great Rockout of 2010: Day Three

By the time I made it home this evening, Otahal and his crew had packed it in for the day. I'm getting just a wee bit excited because you can see the outlines of the rock borders much more clearly. Four pallets of moss rock will arrive tomorrow morning and the real rocking out will begin!


This is all very exciting! Especially since I've seen it in person, I can see where it's going. Tell me about those outlines. It looks like it's plastic or rubber with crushed gravel in there?? What is that going to be used for?
You are a model of patience. It's going to look spiffing when it's all done. Thanks for sharing the process.
I am so loving playing along at home! Thanks for the updates :)
Gail said…
How exciting and it all looks great~~I can't wait to see the final story in this this project! gail
Cindy, MCOK said…
Jean, the trenches are lined with landscape fabric that's filled with crushed granite. That provides a base for the rock to rest on which will keep it from settling and sinking into the soil.

MMD, since I'm paying them to have it done right, I'm way more patient than usual!

Leslie and Gail, the process is a lot more enjoyable from a distance. I've not been out there much because I get too tempted to interject. Otahal told me yesterday the price goes up if I'm out there commenting too often. I think he was kidding. I think.