Showers of April Flowers for Bloom Day

I'm having a difficult time choosing what to show for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. There's an embarrassment of riches on my corner of Katy right now: roses, Louisiana iris, poppies, phlox, sweetspire, columbines, bluebonnets, petunias, linaria, clematis, alyssum, spiderwort, salvias, violas, larkspur, lobelia, freesia, mock orange, nasturtiums, penstemon, verbenas and more that I just can't recall at the moment. I took over 100 pictures ... which should clarify why I'm having trouble narrowing it down. So I'll just close my eyes, roll the mouse around and see what it lands on, and go from there.

OK, first up: Louisiana Iris. I have no idea which ones these are. I gave up labeling them long ago because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't keep them separated well enough to tell which was which.

Reve d'Or rose

Winecup (Callirhoe)

Clematis which I thought was 'Niobe' but doesn't resemble the pictures I see of that variety. Oops.

This little darling is Freesia laxa 'Alba', which I purchased in 2008 at The Natural Gardener in Austin while attending the Garden Bloggers' Spring Fling.

Much as I love the showy blooms of Hinckley's Gold Columbine and the purple A. dichroa, I think the native Aquilegia canadensis is my favorite.

One final picture and then I'm done for this Bloom Day. This is Carefree Beauty blooming with purple larkspur, pink poppies, verbena, bluebonnets and toadflax.

Oh, wait, I almost forgot a very unusual and important bloom I've been promising to show GBBD originator Carol of May Dreams Gardens. Here it is, Indy! I believe it to be Implementus hortus subsp. antiquus.


Carol Michel said…
That's quite a way to roll the dice! I like all the pictures you decided to show us. We should all be so rich in bloom!
Love those Irises! I wish I could grow Lousiana Irises, but they want more moisture than I could give them. I have to disagree with you about your Clematis. That looks like Niobe to me. See Clematis on the Web.
Anonymous said…
That "native" columbine! I've never seen it and I want it now Pink and subtle yellow - how exquisite is that? Your garden is amazing right now, Cindy, what a treat. I hope the head gardener is finally happy?