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Aquilegia dichroa

I put the Head Gardener to work early today, tidying up the back garden for a visit from garden blogger Jean McWeeney of Dig, Grow, Compost, Blog. We met last May at the Chicago Spring Fling and now when she visits family in Houston, she makes time for us to get together. Since she has only seen the gardens of Wit's End in pictures, she asked if I would be willing to give her the grand tour. I was very glad I could say yes ... had she asked back in February or early March, I'd have been more than a little reluctant! But as I said the other day, I'm so in love with the back garden right now that I'm happy to share it, and even more delighted to do so with a fellow gardener.

Since I acted as tour guide, I left my camera inside. Jean, however, had her trusty Canon with her and I'm eager to see the pictures she took. She has a wonderful eye to go with her most excellent camera, as followers of her blog will attest. So we wandered my corner of Katy, interrupting our lively conversation only long enough for her to take pictures. (And for me to chase a neighbor's dog back into his own back yard ... I think the wind blew the gate open and he saw his chance to explore).

After the tour, we took a drive to beautiful downtown Richmond to lunch at Sandy McGee's, and then headed over to Enchanted Gardens nursery. Jean behaved with admirable circumspection, buying only a small plant for her mother. I actually was fairly restrained in my buying, too: only 2 white Plumbago and 3 one gallon pots of Salvia roemeriana (Cedar Sage) came home with me. All too soon it was time for Jean to head back to her family and for me to head back to Katy to take care of such mundane chores as grocery shopping and laundry.

Thanks for the Lycoris bulbs and for making time for a visit, Jean! I look forward to the next time!


Hi Cindy - thanks so much for the tour, the lunch, and the nursery shopping! I had a great time and hope to post soon about your gorgeous garden. I know why you're so in love with your backyard now. It's heaven!