Through the Garden Gate 2010: #4

Repeat after me, enuciating clearly: oh-wah ... tah meh ... sitt iss.

Now say it again faster. Oh-wah-tah-meh-sitt-iss.

And once more, with feeling, as though you were looking at what remains of your beautiful spring garden and lamenting the destruction necessary to prepare it for summer.


LindaCTG said…
Yes, I'm saying that right now, over & over again. Geez, it looks like mass destruction in my garden right now. But too fun to make a nursery list. And too hard to contemplate all the word ahead. I'll keep repeating your chant.
Rebecca said…
As a newbie wanna be gardenista, I too am lamenting and thinking that I did something wrong out in the back 40 (as in 40 feet). I guess I expected a magical transfer from spring to summer flowers with one growing and flowering quick enough to cover the old spring foliage. Boy was I wrong. I spent too much time thinking about spring and now I am stumped for summer. But Cindy even you bear spots look good – you are the master!!!

Cindy, MCOK said…
Linda, I now have 3 trash cans and a large tub filled with spent plants so I can relate to your mass destruction. That's nowhere near all ... I have to tackle the rose bed this week. Yikes.

Rebecca, thank you for the kudos. I've got several packets of Cosmos seeds to scatter once I get the beds cleared. You might try some of those and some zinnias, too.