The Head Gardener's Lament: (#22 of Many) & A Lesson for Those Who are Willing to Listen

'Carmello' Tomato

Far be it from me to protest the vigorous growth of a healthy Lycopersicon, especially one as productive as this beauty. No, my quibble is not with the plant but with She Who Must Be Obeyed, who once again blithely ignored my gentle suggestions as to the siting of said tomato and the necessity of proper support. She also ignored my more pointed remarks about the meaning of 'indeterminate' as it pertains to the Lycopersicon genus and the folly of underestimating the determination of an indeterminate tomato to achieve garden domination.

SWMBO has variously utilized an old shovel, a vintage metal hose reel, a galvanized watering can and several woefully inadequate garden stakes in her efforts to support this plant. Support issues aside, I would have no problem with its sprawling habit were it not for the egregious error she made in planting this tomato in front of the 'Heritage' rose.

Look closely at the above photograph, oh fellow gardeners. Double-click to enlarge and perhaps you can spot the rose foliage valiantly holding its own against the handsome and strapping signore who obscures its more delicate beauty. Herein lie both my lament and my lesson for today: planting tomatoes, like real estate, is all about location, location, location. Choose that location carefully and remember that today's 6 inch tall tomato plant has big plans for its future.


Oh, no, don't tell me you're using patio furniture as a plant support!
Rose said…
Ha, ha, well at least you'll have lots of delicious tomatoes from this one! Here I might want to cover up the roses during June--it's Japanese beetle season.
meemsnyc said…
They do get quite big don't they!
I make this mistake yearly, I am embarrassed to admit for how many years I've been doing it. This year my tomato harvesting has involved physically crawling under the Sungold and Juliet monsters to get to the Celebrity and Better Boys.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Yes, MMD, I am indeed using patio furniture. I need to drag a couple more chairs over there!

Rose, that plant has been very productive so I can't begrudge it taking up all that room.

Meems, scarily big!

Kelly, I planted a cherry tomato jungle one year: 12 plants in a 10 foot long bed!