I Wanna Go Home With the Armadillo ...

The Executive Producer had some minor foot surgery yesterday and is not up to his usual pre-bedtime stroll round the block with the fierce beast. So it fell to me tonight and I found myself happy about that for several reasons. Not the least of those was the soft summer night ... if only every night of summer felt like this one, I'd have a lot more patience with our hot and humid summer days. A light but steady breeze accompanied us on our walk and the temperature and humidity levels were low enough to make being outside a real pleasure. If I had a camper's headlamp, I'd be outside working in the garden instead of here at the computer!

As we rounded the corner to hit a few spots on the side street, I took a look at the corner bed and was happily surprised by the different perspective offered after the sun goes down. I'd love to tell you how romantic and beautiful it is in the moonlight but I can't ... there's a streetlight smack dab at the front of the bed, which lights up my corner of Katy. The light's bright but not harsh and it makes me happy to know that passersby in the wee hours can still see the blooms in that bed.

And the main reason I'm happy I had to get out there and do walkies myself was that I saw something I never would have expected to see. As we passed a neighbor's house at the end of the cul-de-sac, I saw movement on their roof. Twas not, as I thought, an errant cat. Nor was it a possum or a raccoon, both of which have been seen here on Langton Court. No, my friends, it was unmistakably an armadillo. I had no idea they could climb ...I've never seen one anywhere but on the ground. This one scuttled across the roof and down, then into the alley. I still can't believe I saw that. (My incredulity at the sight reminded me of one of my favorite moments from WKRP IN CINCINNATI.) I've named the armadillo Ray Wylie Hubbard. I may have to start walking with the EP and the beast just to see if I spot him again!


LOL!! I walk in the evenings around dusk. About a month ago, I thought I saw 4 somethings in a neighbor's flower bed. Closer look--it was 4 little baby armadillos! So cute, I told hubby when I got home. He just rolled his eyes...I thought they were cute.. :)
Rose said…
Early, early morning--if I can get up in time--or late evenings are the only times I really enjoy being outside now, too. There's a haze here today that rivals the one you showed on your last post, Cindy.

I've seen a lot of strange things here at our farm, but never an armadillo:) Thanks for the clip from WKRP--I loved that show!
That is one strange sighting indeed! I never would have thought. But Cindy, you may be showing your age with that song reference. ;-)
Gail said…
On the roof! Wow, there must have been a handy tree for those claws to get purchase! I love the garden at dusk~but observe it from the porch now that the mosquitoes are here! gail