My Cup Runneth Over

One of the plants I bought at Plant Delights Nursery last fall was Cypella coelestis, Goblet Flower. I planted it in an east facing bed in the back garden and kept a wary eye on it as the months went by. Although the clump size itself has not increased since it was planted, the plant weathered winter nicely. Last week I began to see buds forming on it and I've been eagerly anticipating their opening.

I'm already charmed by the flowers ... now to get it through a steamy south central Texas summer!

It's happy in its location so I probably won't move it even though I'm not wild about its color interaction with 'Old Blush'. The Head Gardener says we just need to find some companion plants to help the rose and the Cypella coexist peacefully. She is adamantly opposed to moving the Cypella and she is unanimous in that. I wonder how she feels about moving Old Blush???!!!


Madly googling that...I love it!
Cindy, MCOK said…
Leslie, did you check it out at Plant Delights? If it can take my summer, I may order more!