Three for Thursday: Daisies

Melampodium leucanthum, Blackfoot DaisyMelampodium leucanthum, Blackfoot Daisy: This tough little native reseeds itself in the rocks in the paths, in the beds, in the granite ... anywhere that's hot and dry. The only bad thing I can say about it is that it has a serious dislike of overhead watering, including rain which falleth from the sky. If it gets too wet, it will rot out within a day or two.

Leucanthemum vulgare, Oxeye Daisy: I still haven't figured out the secret to growing these. They should be easy and yet they haven't been long-lived in my garden. This particular plant came up from seed which was probably provided by a wayward bird. I'm going to let some of the seedheads dry and see if I can get a few more to germinate around my corner of Katy.

Leucanthemum superbum 'Banana Cream', Shasta Daisy: This plant was given to me at the Garden Writers of America convention by one of the exhibitors. I really didn't expect it to do that well here and am happily surprised to see it bloom. I like how the blooms open a pale buttery yellow and age to white. Will it survive our summer heat and humidity though?


Gail said…
Ox Eyes seem to thrive in the most neglected spots~interstates and roadsides! When i've moved them to decent soil they lie down on the job. I suspect they need full sun, sharper drainage and lean soil. gail
My favorite are the black-foots! I love that honey scent so much I walk outside in the hot sun just to get a whiff. Wish they would re-seed better though. They are kind of expensive and I hate having to buy more every spring.
I love the Blackfoot daisy, it's such a cute thing, but otherwise I'm not a daisy fan. I'll be watching the progress of the 'Banana Cream.' I intended to buy some for the girl, but they were sold out. If yours survives the heat & humidity, maybe I'll get her some next year.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Gail, I think you're right. This Ox-Eye is in good soil and it's getting floppy. I'll sow seeds in my corner bed, which is my personal GOBN.

MT, I didn't know the Blackfoots had a scent. Now I'll be down on hands & knees sniffing them! Mine reseed in the rock path pretty easily. Maybe you could try sowing seeds in a really gravel-heavy mix?

MMD, I'll let you know about the Banana Cream. I'm surprised how much I like it.