And The Other Foot is Inching Its Way There ...

There was a moment of panic this morning when I went to print my boarding passes for tomorrow's flights. I was scheduled to fly out of Houston at 10:45 am, arriving in Newark at 3:32 pm, and depart Newark at 5:00 pm to fly to Buffalo. Continental's computer had changed my connecting flight from Newark to Buffalo, however, and they gave me all of 3 minutes between flights! Not gonna happen, Continental. Thankfully, they were able to switch me to an earlier flight out of Houston and I'll have plenty of time to make it between gates in Newark.

We had a brief but intense rain shower yesterday afternoon which kept me from having to water pots this morning. I may have to do that this evening, though, just to be on the safe side. Although the Executive Producer and our charming offspring have committed to watering while I'm gone, I think it might be prudent for me to make a circuit of the gardens with hose in hand.

I'm back from doing that and am shutting it down on my corner of Katy. Next post ... Buffalo!
I hear another tropical depression is forming out in the Gulf, and heavy rains are a possibility during my absence. Sounds good to me!