Buffa10: Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Garden

The domed conservatory is one of organizer Elizabeth Licata's favorite places to visit in winter. On a cold winter's day, I can well imagine that the moist tropical air feels very welcome. It felt just like Houston to me!

The lovely Diana of Sharing Nature's Garden posed with a humongous red crinum in the conservatory.

This was just one of many beautiful hostas seen around Buffalo.

This Bottle Brush Buckeye (Aesculus parviflora) had the bees and butterflies dancing in attendance upon the blossoms. The plant was easily eight feet wide and six feet tall.

The conservatory features several topiaries ... this one was my favorite.

No conservatory would be complete without orchids. This was one of my many favorites.

I'm fading fast, y'all, so that's all for today. Once again, I'm happy but exhausted!


Carol Michel said…
There is no better way to be "happy and exhausted", is there, than touring gardens, unless of course, it is from working in a garden.
Gail said…
I had the best time visiting all the gardens and hanging out with good friends! I love Bottle Brush Buckeye and it sure does attract attention! gail
Noel Morata said…

i loved the posts you did of the event. what a special place buffalo is, who knew...thanks for sharing all your pictures
It was so great to visit gardens with you again. You make them more special. I missed the topiary, but then I'm not used to Houston weather.
Rose said…
I can see why you liked the topiary, Cindy; it brought a smile to my face just seeing it here. The conservatory looks like a wonderful place to visit, though I think I might enjoy that warm humidity more in the winter time. Hope you're getting rested up today--put your feet up and enjoy watching Brenda close a new case tonight:)
Anonymous said…
Great pix - who's that amazing person with the pink backpack? I'd spend the winter in there too if I
I lived in Buffalo. Great meeting you at Buffa10. Cyndy WithaY