Foliage Follow-Up: Hostas

Pam of Digging has designated the 16th of the month Foliage Follow-Up and I thought I'd share pictures of some of the many gorgeous Hostas that I saw in Buffalo. (Very few were labeled so I can't share their names with you.)
Mike Shadrack created his version of an Alpine garden using miniature Hostas and rocks: he calls it his Octopus' Garden in the Shade. I think all of us were charmed by Mike, a former London bobby who purchased a property previously owned by a Buffalo Bills' football player and set about making gardens with his wife Kathy. I'll post more about their place when I can gather my thoughts ... it was one of my favorites and I could have happily spent even more time there.

I'd try his trick of planting miniature Hostas in a galvanized tub except for one thing: they'd steam to death within a day here on my corner of Katy, even in my deepest shade areas!

I might be able to use this trick of planting in a hollowed out log, though.

Out in the woods, nestled amongst ferns and other shade loving plants, I sighed over this plant.

Chartreuse really lights up shady areas. I love the rocks Mike and Kathy used for borders, too.

In Jennifer's garden, some of which I showed you in last Sunday's post, I loved this Hosta.

This magnificent specimen was spotted at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens.

Across the street from Elizabeth's house, the gardeners used several Hostas as edging.

I won't tell y'all I didn't come home longing to grow more Hostas. I may yet add to their numbers on my corner of Katy!