Think back to my posts of last July and you will understand why I am so delighted to tell y'all that tonight was the kind of balmy summer evening that was everything a summer evening should be (minus the mosquitoes, but I can't have everything, now, can I?) I sat in one of portable Adirondacks and sipped some wine, gazing towards the pond and wondering just how many Japanese fantail babies are really in there. My eyes wandered just a wee bit to the right and, oh joy, oh rapture, oh frabjous day, the variegated Hymenocallis is blooming! I bought this plant before I left for Buffalo and sank it into the bog. The flowers were already tissue thin when I took this picture tonight ... but there are more buds so I'll have more blooms to savor!

While I had the camera outside, I went scouting for more photo ops. This is one of the large-flowered rainlilies I added this year (I think it's Zephyranthes grandiflora).

Now that I know Senorita Rosalita Cleome is muy bonita, I plan to add more of them.

This planting makes me smile. It's all Mother Nature's doing ... my only contribution was to leave the plants where they seeded. This felicitous combination includes Salvia 'Otahal', Zinnias, Moss Pink Verbena (V. tenuisecta) and Blackfoot Daisy (Melampodium leucanthemum.

See y'all tomorrow ... time to have a EUREKA moment with the Executive Producer. The Head Gardener finds such shows fascinating. She claims she enjoys poking holes in the scientific theories ... I know better.


Variegated hymenocallis? I need one.
Sounds like a nice evening. It's been to hot here to be outside. I miss nights sitting outside!