Grow Where You're Planted ...

If you've been reading other posts on Buffa10*, you may have come across these very cool planters. I took several pictures of them, most of which didn't turn out so well due to the sunny day. I wish I'd been able to get a few more from other angles. I did make a point of visiting with gardener Joe's helpmate Scott and asking him about these. As I thought, they were fungal growths, collected from dead trees on their property out in the country. Scott's words were something along the lines of "He came home with a bagful of these things and I said 'Oh, Lord, what's he going to do now?'" I'd love to have met Joe, too, cuz he and I clearly think along similar lines. I'm already plotting to wander through the woods on a friend's Somerville property and see if there are some fungi available.

*I've purposely avoided reading most of the other Buffa10 attendees' posts yet ... I didn't want their perceptions and experiences to color my own posts. I'm sure there will be a lot of cross-posting going on the next couple of weeks as we all sort through our memories and memory cards. I look forward to reading what others have to say and I should have plenty of time inside to catch up over the next 77 days of awful!


fairegarden said…
Those were really something, Cindy, I agree. Leave it to you to find out about them, way to go, girl! I used to have some of those fungi, not that large and have been trying to remember where they got stashed. Good idea not looking at the other posts until you could collect your own thoughts and photos. :-)
Blackswamp_Girl said…
I think I'd like to meet Joe, too! (And I laughed because I'm pretty sure that various significant others have uttered words similar to Scott's at one time or another! :)
Such a neat way to use 'found objects' in the garden. Just goes to show that there's a use for everything - if you're creative enough. I wonder how long they'll survive, or if they'll decompose over time?
Gail said…
I thought the shelf fungi were wonderful~and my photo of them is grainy 'cause it was raining! Where to find them is going to be tough! gail
Feeling pretty awful here too. Went out to rescue the garden and did a lot, but then I had to come back in. It's too hot out there.~~Dee
Cindy, MCOK said…
Frances, as you've doubtless noticed by now, I ask a lot of questions. I was shy as a child, believe it or not.

Kim, the Executive Producer doesn't say anything very often ... his looks usually are more than sufficient to tell me what he's thinking!

Monica, in my climate, they'll probably decompose faster than they will in Buffalo. He probably has to store them somewhere over the winter, don't you think?

Gail, if I find them here, I'll happily share!