It's Here!

And I'll bet your first reaction is "Great, so what IS it?"

Despite appearances, it is NOT a hot water heater!

All shall be revealed later this week. The Head Gardener and I require assistance in uncrating and setting up the sculpture I purchased in Buffalo. It will take pride of place on the courtyard wall by the front door, where all who enter can see it. Many thanks to the sculptor for his careful crating of his work of art; I've decided that he shall remain nameless until I can show you the piece in situ.


Gail said…
LOL...It did look like a water heater! Cindy I can't wait to see it in place! Love the new look to blog, btw....It's awesome! gail
How very exciting! Can't wait for the unveiling.
Anonymous said…
I remember that sculpture - it was a beauty! So glad it made it safe and sound to your corner of Katy:)
Carol Michel said…
You tease! I did not see what you bought in Buffalo!
Anonymous said…
Cindy, MCOK said…
Once I get the table in place, I'll need some chairs to go on either side. And I think some kind of art for the wall will be in order too!
David said…
Hi Cindy,
Will all the rain we've been having lately, I was guessing it was a large version rain gauge! ha ha

BTW: I posted an image on my garden blog for you. It shows BOTH SPECIES of the weed you hate.
David at Tropical Texana (Houston)
Susan Tomlinson said…
Cool. Can't wait to see it!
Oh good, I can't wait to see it. btw, love your makeshift rain barrel idea.
Cindy, MCOK said…
David, I'll go look at the weed!

Susan, I think you'll like it!

Jean, I've emptied the barrel so it's back to doing trash duty till the next rainy spell! Making it fulfill double duties makes me feel very green :-)