I've Got One Foot Out the Door Already ...

I've been busy preparing for my trek to Buffalo on Wednesday, tidying up out in the garden and collecting seeds, plants and bulbs promised to some of the bloggers. As I put away tools in the potting shed, my eye landed on the long-handled Cobrahead. This wonderful fabulous fantastic awesome incredibly useful tool was my door prize at the first Garden Bloggers' Spring Fling, held in Austin in 2008. I was not just pleased but delighted since I was already familiar with Cobrahead. Several years prior, I purchased one of the original Cobrahead short-handled models from Geoff Valdes, who made an irresistible sales pitch on behalf of his family's business. That yellow-handled Cobrahead is still with me and has proven itself invaluable many times over, as I told Geoff and Anneliese at the 2008 Fling.

Last May, I had the pleasure of renewing my acquaintance with Anneliese at the Chicago Spring Fling and in September, I also got to meet parental units Noel and Judy Valdes. I talked with Noel during one of the GWA tours, telling him how much I enjoyed using his inventions and lamenting that I had yet to purchase a second short-handled Cobrahead to keep in another area of the gardens. Ever attentive to his customers' needs, Noel asked for my card and offered to send me one. It arrived shortly thereafter and I am just as happy with it as I have been with the others. If you don't have a Cobrahead already, I encourage you to visit the website and order one now! If you've got the short-handled version and are wondering if the long-handled Cobrahead will prove as helpful, I promise you that it will: mine has been used not only as a hoe but as an aid in picking up items dropped over the fence into my neighbor's yard and to drag bags of mulch from one spot to another. Anneliese told me they'd even been informed of its utility in dumpster diving!


I've also been getting the garden ready for my absence. All this rain has lulled me into a false sense of security I'm sure. Hubby is charged with watering duties while I'm at Buffa10, then MIL will take over while we're at a conference the following week, then it's his turn again while I'm working out of state for another 4 days. Hope it all survives without me. I'm looking forward to meeting y'all in Buffalo. Strange that we'll meet there considering we live less than an hour away from each other. :)