The Pleasures of A Rainy Sunday ...

Ligularia in Buffalo: I haven't seen this red-veined variety here. If someone can tell me what it is, I think I need it!

Not only did we get some gentle showers on Saturday evening, but rain began to fall again this afternoon and continued into the evening. There were several bands of heavy rainfall and I suspect the cul-de-sac flooded, but I won't know until tomorrow. All this rain has been most welcome ... and who needs a sauna when all you have to do is walk outside once the rain stops to be surrounded by steamy heat? I keep reminding myself that all this moisture and humidity has to be beneficial to my complexion!

The Garden Bloggers didn't let a little rain stop us from enjoying the beauty of Joe and Scott's garden. Here you see Gail of Clay and Limestone and Monica of Garden Junkies admiring and discussing the fungi planters I showed in an earlier post. Gail was the first garden blogger I talked to in person at the Austin Spring Fling in 2008 and she is as warm and delightful in person as she is online. I met Monica for the first time in Buffalo and we quickly realized we have much in common ... if you haven't read her blog, be sure to read the possum story!

Today the Executive Producer and I took advantage of the weather to laze around the house and catch up on some of the TV we'd missed while I was in Buffalo. Perhaps tomorrow I'll have time to get out in the garden. There's not much to summarize about this past week: other than a couple of hours puttering in one area or another on Tuesday, I haven't done a doggoned thing!

Balloon Flower (Platycodon): mine never look like this!