The Rainy Day View From My Chair

I sat outside for a few minutes tonight to watch the rain from the comfort of my chair ... when it occurred to me how different that view was from the one I showed on Tuesday morning. So I ran inside and grabbed the camera to capture the moment.

Today was the first time in 2 years or maybe longer that it rained without stopping for hours on end. The rain began to fall about 12:30 and continued into the night, falling gently and steadily for most of the day. There were occasional periods of lighter rain, and other periods of heavier rain, but none of the torrential downpours that are more characteristic of my corner of Katy. The blessing of such rain is that it has time to soak deep into the ground, replenishing parched soil and bringing new life to the garden.

I'm especially grateful for it happening now, since I'll be leaving next week for Buffalo, New York to meet up with other garden bloggers from around the country. The Head Gardener will go with me, loath as she is to leave the gardens in the hands of the non-gardeners who share our corner of Katy. The gardens will survive without us and may even thrive if this rain continues.

Three things to be thankful for today: rain, more rain and even more rain.


It's so nice to have this rain. I'm a little soggy now, but still...
We'd really be in trouble if we had another summer like last year.
Have fun in Buffalo -- will you be able to go on the garden tour?
Rose said…
So glad you've gotten some rain, Cindy! The kind you describe is just perfect--slow and gentle so that it soaks into the ground. We had so much rain for weeks on end that I was happy to finally see sunny skies, but a little shower would be nice right now.

Your Jackmanii is beautiful; I have only one clematis, but I've learned you have to have patience with them. Wish I was shuffling off to Buffalo, too! Hope you all have a great time, but with the group of garden bloggers who are attending, I know you will:) Take lots of photos for me, ok?
We got rain too!! My flowers are so happy. I hope they don't think fall is here--we still have the rest of July and August to get through.
Have a wonderful trip!