Alley Oop!

This planting in the utility easement along my back fence is a conglomeration of plants that I stuck out there because I couldn't stand to throw them awayl seeds tossed on the ground to see what happened; and a few things that seeded themself or sprouted from runners inside the fence. Peruvian Pavonia, white Plumbago, Coral Nymph Salvia, Coral Vine/Queen's Wreath (no blooms yet), Spiderwort, Crinum, Alyssum, and a smattering of weeds share this space. What's noteworthy about it? It grows and blooms with no supplemental watering whatsoever, only whatever rain may fall.


I love it! I used to have an area behind the house we called "the funeral home." I put plants there that probably wouldn't make it, but that I just couldn't say goodbye to yet. Over the years, I realized that you can never kill sword fern and african iris. I "remodeled" that area last spring but the old funeral home residents are still there.
David said…
I love plantings that can make it on their own. It would be nice if my whole yard decided it could do the same.

My 'can't get rid of them' area is along the very back fence. It's called the back 40.
They don't look as nice as yours.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Elizabeth, "funeral home" cracks me up!

David, it's amazing to me that these plants look as good as they do, especially when there are plants inside the fence that look much worse!