Bright, Bright, Bright Sunshiny Day

As I relaxed in my neighbor's pool after a morning's work in the garden, I found myself thinking what a perfect summer day it was. Although the temperature was in the mid-90s, low humidity and a light breeze made being outside almost pleasant. All right, go ahead and call me fickle, I deserve it ... yes, it was just two days ago that I was whining about how much I hate summer. And, indeed, August is my least favorite month of the year: not only is it usually the hottest month, but we've already suffered through two or more months of high temperatures by the time it gets here and frankly, my dears, we've had enough!

So a morning like today's is a welcome respite ... a brief break from reality ... and when I closed my eyes, I was transported back to the carefree summer weekends of my early twenties when I'd drive over to Austin to hang out with a friend there. We'd spend hours lazing in the pool ... settling into an inner tube, I'd hook my heels on the pool's edge, make sure a cool drink was at hand, grab my book and relax. Some kind of sense memory took me back there today and I sat for a long time with my eyes closed, savoring the feeling of being my younger self again.

And when I opened them, and looked around at my current surroundings, I was still as happy to be here in the now as I was to be there in the then. I heard a cardinal calling and spotted a handsome fellow feeding his mate. I saw a Hamelia rustling and heard the swish of an anole lizard as he leaped from one hiding spot to another. A screaming pink Zinnia was blooming in the rock bed by the pool and the profusion of delicate pink blossoms on the 'Katie' pink Ruellias lining a fence almost made me reconsider my NIMG position (Not In My Garden).

All of the pictures were taken in my neighbors' back yard. There's been some serious interest in the property over the last couple of week so I suspect my days in the pool are numbered. Think they'd consider not closing on a sale until the temperatures drop????


Gail said…
One can hope that they won't sell until then and that the new owners will be as charmed by you as the rest of us are~xxxgail
Anonymous said…
I had a similar deja vu moment when we swam in the lake the other day and cooked hamburgers. I remembered what it was like to be a teen again. Fun. That part at least.

I can remember, why don't you like Ruellas? They're sold as annuals here, and I saw a bunch of them yesterday at the nursery.

It's hot.~~Dee
Commonweeder said…
I celebrated my 70th birthday yesterday - which of course, means a reflection of earlier youthful days, but I also felt the blessings of the present all around.
Rose said…
Or perhaps the new owners and you will become good friends, too, and you'll be back in the pool again:)

I remember those carefree days when I was young, too; somehow I don't remember it being nearly as hot then as it is now. This has been such a weird year, weather-wise; maybe August will be a cool least I can hope.

Love your new sculpture!
Joyce said…
Yes, You'll have been hit with some hot,hot weather this season. We have too but not like you'll have. I love your post and could also picture myself as a young girl in the hot summers not even worried about the heat. To this day it a real treat to go back and have those moments. Every time I see Mountain Dew it reminds me of my father. He also had that drink for us in the summer and it was his favorite while cooking on the grill. Thanks and you enjoy that pool and neighbor while you can.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Gail, you're so sweet!

Dee, the Katie Ruellias not only reseed aggressively, they spread by runners. It's nigh on impossible to get rid of them, which is why my pal Genny calls them the cockroach of the garden.

Pat, a belated Happy Birthday to you! May the year to come be as special as you are!

Rose, it surely didn't seem as hot then to me, either. I hope August is kinder to you than it has been to me thus far.

Peeoknee, I'm glad to have the memories and to be making more to join them!