For Your Viewing Pleasure

Although I've been using Sundays as a day to review what went on in the garden during the week, the heat has addled my brain and I can't remember much of what I did when I was able to be out there.  So instead this post is a tip of the Tula* to Elizabeth Licata (of Gardening While Intoxicated and Garden Rant) for her comment on yesterday's post.

Zooming in through the garden gate

A view from the path, complete with tub trug and umbrellas to protect plants from the sun

Standing on the southwest patio

Look to the east for a view of the pond

Looking west towards the front gate

Standing on the patio, looking northeast

A gratuitous shot of my neighbor's crape myrtle festooned with coral vine, part of my borrowed view

*My Tula gardening hat, which does a splendid job of protecting me from the Death Star's fierce glare as I ramble about the garden.  By the way, I remember how I spent a significant portion of my time outside this week.  I watered.  Big whoop.


Unknown said…
Your garden is BEAUTIFUL! I too live in Houston, just have a few containers currently, but am about to do more out back/i.e.: raised-beds, etc.
I need some outdoor umbrellas, but at an affordable price. I saw yours in your pics. Any suggestions as to where to get some? Thanks! And happy gardening! :)
Cindy, MCOK said…
Mini, I'm glad you stopped by & said hello. The blue umbrella in the picture came from Pier 1; the rainbow umbrella came from Sam's. I'm not sure if either place still has them in the store. World Market also has a nice selection of outdoor umbrellas, although they too may have cleared them out by now.