A Message from the Head Gardener

It has come to my attention that SOME gardeners in the Houston area have received a disporportionate share of the area's rainfall over the last two days, leaving us high and dry out here in Katy.  She Who Must Be Obeyed can murmur soothing platitudes all she wants ... they lose their effectiveness with me when she does so with hose in hand.  I must respectfully insist that any further rainfall be distributed more evenly and believe that in fact it would be only fair if those areas who have already benefited from nature's bounty this week, agree to donate their predicted rainfall for the upcoming weekend to those of us who have not been so generously blessed.  We will, of course, be willing to return the favor in future should a similar fate befall other areas.  

Respectfully submitted,
The Head Gardener


TinaTx said…
We didn't get any over here on this side either - not nary a drop. Cloudy, breezy and thunder, but not a drop of rain. Hubby has been waiting for 3 weeks to throw out fertilizer - hoping for this weekend. I'll keepe my fingers crossed for both sides of town!
Okay, okay. Next time, you get the rain. But then you get the downed trees also! :)
Did you feel the slightest hint of not-hotness in the air this morning? (I can't call it "cool" or lightning will strike me dead for hubris!)
Anonymous said…
I would be happy to share the rain if I could. Today we had a downpour. This is how the rain has been coming as of late. Inches per hour. Beating down the perennials, running off the property to the storm drains. Yesterday I was digging in a 3 gallon pot perennial, and when I got to below the three inches of moist mulch, the soil was dry as a bone. This is after days of this type of weather. It would be great to spread the rain out equally, maybe then we all have gentle soakings.
Carol Michel said…
I have not gotten any rain either, and it is simply not going to be tolerated! I am not pleased that this August will be the driest August in the history of Indianapolis!
Cindy, MCOK said…
Tina, you cross your fingers and I'll dance. Surely something will happen this weekend for one of us!

Elizabeth, I'll admit yours was one of the names muttered by the HG in a dark moment. As for downed trees, they can be turned into yard art! And yes, the last couple of mornings and evenings have been, dare I say it, pleasant!

Gardenwalk, you have my empathy on those torrential rains that run off rather than soak in. I'm all too familiar with what you describe!

Carol, that's the kind of record a gardener does NOT want to set!